Laura Mackness Central Saint Martins' graduate, blew everyone away last year with her MA collection. Block colours of subtle tones clashing together, block prints of face features (mainly eyelashes in the collection), with layered fringing, oversized collars, a surrealist feel throughout.  Recently Mackness has teamed up with 'Weekday', a Swedish label. Mackness gives a funky bright neutral coloured look to the collections and a sense of lively youth; Mackness' signature eyelash designs are noticeable, which gives individuality. 

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5 Special Thoughts

  1. LOVE IT! This gave me some great ideas for my trash couture project! Thanks!

  2. I love the grey shirt! :D
    really artistic!

    Happy Friday!


  3. Bego: Glad ot gave you an idea, and I think you may have given me an idea for my next post ;)

    Bree: The grey shirt is really cool, I like the idea of the hands going across the body.

    Have a great Weekend

    all swamed in flowers <3

  4. the first photo is my fave! :D

  5. SAME ;D I love the contrast between the clothing and setting


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