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Everyone has their icons. Icon's are someone that inspires us, influences what we do, and therefore can influence Fashion. This post sprung to mind with upcoming V&A exhibition on Style Icon Grace Kelly; an example who showed style in a sophisticated, simple and seductive image, I myself will be booking tickets ;). Grace Kelly had the epitome of fashion, she  just seemed to make things work with the help her status, therefore became a 'Style icon'.

Grace Kelly

Icon's are reflected through time, maybe that is why we have the fascination in vintage style; because of the want to be someone from the past such as Audrey Hepburn or in this case Grace Kelly, or just that 'go-with-the-flow Hippie' from the 70's. Though by no means, should we be stuck in an era, even retail shops pick up the vintage look, as we have all seen with the pearl and corsages and magazine editorials; but of course with a twist, for example the different cuts and patterns. Though personally I feel American Apparel take on the look very well, the shapes and cuts of some clothes are quite vintage, though with the use of different fabrics, its a whole modern look, such as the ever so funky Metallic Spandex.

Style RNT40

Style RSAC353
American Apparel 

 Yves Saint Laurent 

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6 Special Thoughts

  1. I love love love Grace Kelly :) xx


  2. Shes amaze:)
    love your blog, following ;)

    swamped in flowers <3

  3. I gave you an award!
    check it out!



  4. beautiful photos!
    i have refound my love for aa again! love the pastels!

  5. Bree: Thank You so much! :D love your blog!

    Vickileestyle: Yaay! AA is rather cool ;), I love pastels too, this season has just made me love them more!

    swamped in Flowers <3

  6. Might see you at the V&A then :) Grace Kelly is my ultimate style heroine. The photos you chose are gorgeous, she really is a true beauty



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