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 Prezzies and bedroom

 London Expedition

Hey Guys, sorry I was meant to post yesterday but I ended hanging out with the cousins, sadly one has left today-Lydia. Though I took some gorgeous pics of her on our expedition to London. Being from London I'd never really been to the tourist attractions, such as the London Eye and River Cruise. So low and behold, that's what we did. I was really hoping to get some fab pics, but sadly it was the typical London overcast day. After that we ventured to Camden, sadly I didn't purchase anything as we were pushed for time, but I am in desperate need of transparent spikes- anyone know any places to get them? Plus due to the new arrival of my camera, I took some pics of some of my prezzies and items in my bedroom. Hopefully the new camera means I can become a better blogger... Plus Sorry about the not so concise post, but have been radically busy! Though do not fret, today I depart to the countryside, hoping to take some angst photos.

Dare to read.

Dolly Dare- Shop at Spitalfields 

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Lunch at the Luxe with Relatives- cousin

Topshop Purchases 

Topshop Purchases 

Woah can you believe it's almost 2011?! Time has flown by. Anyhow, talking about the present. Christmas was a success, I carefully unwrapped the paper and...BAM a Panasonic Lumix G2 (Photos taken using that camera)- it's a God send ( especially at one point my parents were saying a massive no!). Not only that, but my family form America are over ( sounds cheesy, but hey it's Christmas). I'm in the process of showing them the fab trendy hotspots. Today we went to Brick lane, I bagged a leather and a pleated skirt (outfit post later). Plus followed by taking them to the obvious TOPSHOP OXFORD STREET. It was mayhem. Picture vultures scavenging for their pray- but the first in months. Topshop was a mirror image, one word- Sale. Though still it was a success, I managed to purchase the Black peter pan collar tunic , and leopard print skirt; all in the sale for half the price. Plus some acid wash shorts. The most clothing I have bought in yonks. I'm one happy bunny.

To top it up, the lovely Jessica from Couture Caramel (fab blog) did this fab drawing of me! Here it is:

Plus I'm so sorry, with the Christmas rush I haven't been able to reply to any comments in the last two posts. I'll do the best I can to reply to them, but on top of Christmas and New Year's traditions, I have GCSE's to revise for. So will try to reply to at least one of the posts, and definitely this one! Plus thanks for the emails, keep it up, I'll defo reply to them :)

Hope you had a fab Christmas and Happy New Year!

I just don't know what to do with myself.

Images from 1 Dazed and Confused, 2 Tumblr, 3Tumblr, 4 Tumblr 


The question: 'What to blog about?'
The Answer: 'Snow, Paranoya shoot I've had in mind, New Designers, Christmas Lusts'
Well sadly being cameraless, and a Sister who most the time will not spare her camera. The snow, and the Paranoya shoot will have to wait. So whilst researching I came across the amazing Elliot Ward-Fear. How had I not heard about this designer before? At only 21, he has already appeared in Australian Fashion Week this year. Noticed by the blogasphere and editors, Elliot is a much antiscipated designer. Ward-Fear is known for his shoes. The latest collection featuring 45cm wooden carved platforms. Followed by a collection featuring faux fur, percpex, cut outs, all 60's inspired. All a contrast to eachother, modern fabrics with classic shapes, vice versa. What more could you want? Plus I arranged the photos in a collage tyle, Images I would associate with the collection. Keeping the idea of contrast, shape, and texture.

Will be replying to comments later this week, love hearing from all you guys! Merry Christmas too, hoping to do a better post after Christmas!

Merry Christmas 

Take me to the playing field.

Sadly all this week I've been quite ill: fever, dizzy spells, nausea, cough, congestion, aching muscles, etc.  The best early Christmas gift and start to the holidays. Though today I persevered and went to school whilst in the trance of my illness. The only reason being the (*drum roll*)...STAFF PANTO! It is one of the most hilarious events that happens in the school year, and well I just couldn't miss that. I shall leave it to your imagination, to picture an image. 

Anyhow, due to the christmas theme, I have this little obsession with cute, playful and primary coloured pieces. Hence the merrry go round, and dress. Plus end of term means more blogging, sadly toned down by revision. But hey, it's CHRISTMAS!

Over Kill.

I recently found Polyvore and really recommend it, you get to create your own little sets super quickly and easily! So here are two of mine so far, and can also check it out here! Note the obsession for crosses ;). Proper blog post on Sunday, including give away ;) So a big thank you to all the new Fab Followers! YAY!

Note: Sorry won't be able to do post this Sunday, swamped in work, I'll try get one done by Thursday! :(

Free to step all over me.

Just as little update, 'Underground' (notorious for their amazing Creepers!) featured me on their blog and Facebook! So check it out here! Plus here's their Webisite. I really suggest you have a look, they do creepers to winklepickers! Will reply to comments on the weekend due to school work, so for now just enjoy the shoes ;). So this post will be a no comment one, but any thoughts just email me at izzy.dot@btinternet.com!

Their shoes are amazing. 

Welcome to the Freak show.

These photos are kind of a bit messed up and non- matching, sorry it's due to the broken camera, but Christmas is nearing, so do not fret ;). Anyways this weekend, I had a fab and stressful one. My sister had a limo party - yes I know it sounds 'wagish', but she's young so I don't blame her. So picture this- billions of pre-adolecant girls screaming in a limo, then it breaks down, in some doggy remote area. Following with random people trying to get into the limo. Plus the windows being broken, and rain gushing in. Yes that happened. Luckily we were saved, a new Limo came and it was a hummer! Then the raves began again.

Following that I have had so much work to do! And at this moment I should be doing it, the joys of GCSE's. So while I took a break I made a 'Doll Necklace' as a little statement, not because I'm some weird sadistic voodoo child. Plus I painted my eyebrows blue, not sure if you can see in the photos, inspired by Lolita style...better photos if I can get the camera to work.

Lastly check out Beeble, she has a fab blog, and has selected me as 'Blogger of the moment'!

Keep up the comments and follows, it makes my day, and I love hearing your points' of views'!

Star Glazed.

Shirts -Rokit Vintage, Leggings, collar and Skirt- Topshop, Spikes, Spike Necklace, Leather Braces- Asos, Shoes- Nasty Gal 

I've never done one of these outfit posts, though since there is so much on my Christmas wish list, I thought I'd show you an outfit that is a need. Thought it would be perfect for a Christmas party, and the red shirt is to die for, and don't get me started on the shoes! Again I've included contrasting textures, from leather to chiffon - it's an obsession.
Order of outfit- Black shirt with red shirt over, followed by leather braces. Leggings worn under skirt, jewellery followed, then shoes. Plus for the celebration of the eventual 200 followers; there will be the first give away! Yaaaay!

 Hope you enjoy ;)

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