bleeding metallics




top- Vintage, hair clips and earrings- primark, shorts-Topshop, shoes- Office, Jacket- Adidas, necklace and socks-? 

We all like a bargain, and some of us will go extra lengths to search for that feel good item. This meant a 1 hour and a half journey in stiletto court shoes- and for all those into gory details, my heels are still bleeding and shoes are currently blood stained. This resulted in a much needed but desired buy- jelly shoes! They were only £24 from Office, and one in such a condition could not resist.

After the agony was treated by the notorious medication of retail therapy, my friend Amy and I trekked to the Vintage Kilo sale; which was held in the also notorious 'up and coming' Hackney. A kilo of any selection of garments costing only £15. I bought £10's worth and outfit posts are to come. The bargain hunts are to continue with a car boot sale tomorrow- it's a treasure chest for us vintage lovers, whether it be kitsch or not!

So you won't have to hunt for posts anymore with lots of fashion orientated events coming up (and finally being FREE of exams).

P.S I got my nose pierced as a celebratory end of exam gift to myself!

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