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Sorry for the bad camera quality, camera is still broken; so having to deal with 5mp phone camera...

Last image from Rokit

All Designs Copyright of 'All Swamped In Flowers'

As mentioned before during the Summer I was filmed for 'Fashion Wizards' along with 3 other 'wizards' ;). Here are some of the concepts and inspirations (moodboard images from various sources) for the collection I made featured in the Deers are Plastic post. Due to the collection launching soon, I thought it would be relavent to post the original designs, plus I just had to show you the gorgeous 'Broadwick Silks' samples- some being over £100 per metre! Also I managed to find myself a leather shirt in my mum's wardrobe! Been looking for one for ages! Can't wait to wear it with floaty skirts and mesh - my obsession for contrasting textures! Plus I'm designing a harlequin inspired dress. Recently I have become obsessed with the print- hence the harlequin shirt. So what do you think?

Plus a big thank you to all the new followers and comments, nearly 200- YAY! 

Stuck in the 70's.

First 4 Images- All Swamped In flowers, 6th Image -Cosmates, 7th Image - Milanno

Sorry about the doggy photos, my camera has broken! Anyway asking for a DSLR for Christmas- lets hope Santa will be nice enough to do that ;). Anyway I tried some experimentation with this outfit, and to be honest i'm not sure if it works. Combining themes- vintage tapered trousers, vantage top, leather jacket, pearls and peace pendant necklace. Thought it looked quite cool, and then added my DM's to modernise the look.  Plus I have this new obsession with Lolita shoes! What do you think? Have a great rest of the week- nearly Friday whoop!

God just went Neon.


What a weekend. This sunday I met up with the fab Panda from Studmuffin; boy is she amazing- a fab photographer, style guru, blogger, plus she bought lunch for me ;).  We went to Camden and went to several markets and vintage stores; so much temptation. Plus we went to the diner, which was amazing and felt like a little kid again after having the most delicious Coke Float! Camden is the place to be, full of culture, and well it's the land of creepers- what more could you want? In the end I bought 3 beautiful rings, 3 neon fashion religion bracelets, cross bracelet and some gorgeous yellow Tapered trousers (look post for trousers up soon). For the day I wore tartan tights, vintage tartan skirt, chiffon shirt, a bolero cardi; inspired by Rodarte SS11, mixed with grunge. By the way the online shop will open by the end of this month, just so much revision at the moment. Thanks for all the comments on the last post!

Deers are plastic.

The shirt underneath the jacket is  by H&M, and grey socks by H&M, creepers from Office, and boots from primark, all other garments by me.

Well as said before I went to Richmond Park to do the photoshoot for my mini collection. It was based behind a concept of the victorian era becoming modernised, with use of differnt fabrics, such as  plastic ( a favourite of mine), to knitwear and sequins. All done with a gothic twist, keeping dark tones, which all matched with the victorian era. To develop this collection further I would have loved to have made a crinoline out of chains, but to be placed on top of the skirt or even trousers/leggings; sadly being a GCSE student time is of the essence (at the moment I'm doing Art homework!), and obviously made a bigger collection.The shirt underneath the jacket is  by H&M, and grey socks by H&M, creepers from Offic, and boots from primark, all other garments by me.  Look out for some of these pieces to be coming to the online store, such as the bow, skirt and jacket! Plus Making a link where you can see all the shoot photos- so hard to select them all!
Any questions or further comments; more than happy to answer- mail me at!

All images copyright of 'All swamped In flowers'

Deers come and go.

Today I had the most amazing day - pitching a tent in Richmond park to directing a photo shoot. Pictures will be up soon, hopefully tonight (probably not due to the land of homework). Plus I went to see Goldfrapp on Thursday, she was amazing, and her costumes were too! So keep a look out for the post ;).
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Dipped into Roar Winter.

This week has been rather hectic for me! I've decided to change my GCSE options, then I gave to catch up on half a term's worth of work, stacks of cw, did worse than I wanted to do in my English exam, had Science Controlled Assessment- I actually hate controlled assessments with a passion - they are not coursework. Though on the plus side I got a  new phone, and managed to take some pics of my nose piercing- it's a little hoop. Also I've been planning the photo shoot next week for the online store- gosh I'm so stressed. Have a great week ;) 

Okay aim for the end of this month to get 150 followers, so please follow - 'spread the word!' By the way this post is more bullet point like, due to the more social weekend due to halloween. Plus I bought a fake nose Ring- Pics soon-YAY!

Anyhow I was out this weekend, and there's a graveyard near me and the sun was so amazing, I had to take a pic:

Plus took a rather interesting pic for Art coursework:

OMG I need these shorts- doing some DIY to make  similar pair at home- pics soon ;)

First 2 Images done by myself, last image - shorts form

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