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sunglasses-Primark,skirt-Primark, top-topshop, shoes-new look.

The 50's have always been such an iconic and fashionable decade- and especially in the summer. Think of all the lovely swimsuits, quaffed hair and cat eye sunglasses. It's one of those decades where one can feel classy, yet a little bit fun and flirty. Just think of the likes of Anne Baxter to the notorious Marilyn Monroe. For summer I always tend to dress how I feel with reference to pop- culture, rather than trend by trend- though taking into account of the colour palette and fabrics of the season.

You may have noticed the bindi. I've been wearing bindis over the past month, however one thing that I am constantly puzzled by is some people's ignorance to them and fashion. I do understand that some do view them as religious. Though, when Gwen Stefani and the Chanel pre-fall 2012 collection featured them, no one made a loud compliance. Fashion constantly uses religious iconography, sometimes it may just be aesthetically pleasing, though some do dress with symbolism. It may sound pretentious, but after all that's what Chanel did. The collection was meant to highlight the divide between the rich west and the poorer   manufacturing side to our rich indulgences; this being in India. So in a way fashion does use symbolism in dressing, just like religion. 


 Dres-UniQlo, Shoes-Asos, jumper- Topshop, Necklace- gift, flower- found lying round the house

Wearing neon is always the most fun. I feel like a mix between Carrie Bradshaw and Gwen Stefani- it's fabulous, even though it can drive some people a bit 'bananas'. SS12 is full of sporty aesthetics, so I decided to run into it. However, this was a school look- so it's a bit more boring than usual, hence the editing (normally at school, we wear a brown mud/diarrhea coloured uniform). Plus note the clear pink clutch, it's actually my exam pencil case (hence the highlights and my cute USB stick, etc)- it's quite chic, oui? God knows how I'll cope next year being able to wear my own clothes- I literally cannot wait. Plus it means more outfit posts! (yaaaaaaay!). Anyhow, I could help but add the flower- a bit of 60's and 70's flower power can never go wrong. Especially, in the months of revision when a bit of relaxation is needed-I have had the Zombies on non-stop over the last week. I'm feeling perhaps Wednesday Adams, and a mix of bohemian grunge tomorrow? Oh well, you'll see soon enough. Izzy xo


Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. Absolutely Awful. So what have I actually been doing? I've been spending the last few weeks of freedom going out with friends, a bit of shopping here and there, and so much more, to the extent my camera has become detached from me. 

However, now it's an exam pack 2 months. The dreaded GCSE's. Currently on study leave day 3, and have had 2 exams already. Weekly exams till June the 20th and counting, the joys of being an English teenager. So with that on mind, it could mean more blogging due to procrastination, or more apologies- let's hope it's the first.

Anyhow, the photos are above are how I've spent the last few weeks-dressing up as a Greek goddess, buying lots of pretty hair accessories (In theme with the tropical trend) and buying more slogan orientated accessories. Plus due to the late blog post, I've reopened the giveaway- till June the 1st. Hopefully that will brighten up your English rained on spirits.

Izzy xo

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