You are probably sick to death of AW11 posts, but I thought I'd put you through the joy of seeing one again- my top 3 collections so far (I'm still waiting for Viktor and Rolf).

Where do I start? Lavish fabrics and textures; snakeskin, fur, wool, sequins to plastic. It was as if God had answered my prayers to my dream purchases (however, I can't afford any of it; well at least I can sit here, and stare and drool). The collection seemed to progress through the decades of glam woman; from 50's shapes to shapes familiar of today. One piece that progressed with every styled outfit were fur flapperesque hats--maybe to suggest an idea of a lack of innocence in glamour since the 1920's? However, the collection was innocent. Fabrics were taken out of their usual home sweet home shapes: such as snakeskin shoes to plastic cocktail dresses, all just above the knee. The collection consisted of dress that were mainly straight up and down, rather than the known sensual Prada shapes; suggesting 60's dolly bird dresses. Some of the dresses even referenced to the Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress; with block shapes. All evoking simplicity in a futuristic way; maybe it's Miuccia Prada's vision of the new glam woman? (I could ramble on, but then you probably wouldn't even look through the other two collections below.)

Gif Created on Make A Gif

Gif Created on Make A Gif

As soon as I opened the page I was in ore. I felt like a dozen Oompa Loompas had transformed into beautiful, simplistic and wearable garments. The models walked on to the catwalk, and then put on their coat on. It reminded me of those sweets that revealed something inside that matched to the outer sweetness, or like dressing easter eggs (complimented by the yellow chick fur jacket). It was everything but reminiscent of winter. 60's shapes were fluid through the whole collection made out of preppy knits or lace: argyle and plaid, with matching floral designs. The colours were key to the collection, with candy blues, yellows, pinks and purples; making the flirty thigh length dresses even sweeter. Now, normally I'm not one for wearable collections, but I feel that's what made this collection even more jaw-drippingly beautiful- the simplicity. I now just cannot wait to wear my newly purchased faux fur easter egg purple jacket, with a matching coloured skirt (that I found whilst cleaning the house of mess that I live in today- sorry just had to mention it, I'm actually so proud that my room is for once nearly tidy).

Gif Created on Make A Gif

(Read on and you'll see why I put in the end photo with the shrine like objects.)
Meadham Kirchoff 
We all remember Meadham Kirchoff's colour bursting collection of SS11, well this collection was completely the opposite. A mass collection familiar to last season was put away, and AW11 was a shrunken collection of 25 outfits; both menswear and womenswear- but by no means not as interesting. The models trooped down the runway, in very similar garments, and of a very small number; this was due to uniformity being the key theme. Then a possible inspiration flashed to me. Puritan. A witch printed jumper, crosses, and matching garments; though wait for it, there's more...the models walked around what seemed to be shrines of some sort- possibly to symbolise worship. From vibrant red garments to a progression of black, and some of the garments seemed to have been styled back to front. (Weird Arty Farty talk about to begin). This could have been done to suggest the dark side, maybe they had been seen to be Witches (think of the crucible), hence the witch printed jumper (gosh I want that jumper sooo bad). Could this theme have been chosen due to fashion trends being a uniform for some people, having the power to manipulate them?

Well now I'll let you ponder on these collections- there's a lot to ponder about. 

Plus feel free to email me at izzy.dot@btinternet.com for any comments about these collections, or your favourites, or just maybe a little review? 

Images from Style.com

Floral dipping.

Headbands, socks, heels, jacket- Primark, top?, skirt made  by me

This is not a AW11 orientated post.
Instead it is a post based around a summer loving and other worldly feelings. Let's think Alice +Olivia, Anna Sui and Givenchy Couture; all thrown in together with futurism, tacky childhood vibes, and of course a gothic atmosphere (how could I not resist?!). Armed with my new purchases from the cheap and cheerful primark's SS11 collection, and the dead roses left from valentines day; the photos seemed like the right thing to do . (Plus I must add, Primark is Amazing at the moment: from floral headbands, wide leg trousers, nude coloured blouses to lace ankle socks. I really suggest you go!) Yes, I know you are thinking it's a bit cheap with nearly the whole outfit being from Primark, depicting the outfit as being more costume - but what's a teenage girl to do on budget? However, I can't keep off the topic of London Fashion Week for long. So instead of ending the post with a favourite AW11 collection, i'll be sharing a full review in the next post. Till then, I'll probably be mourning over the fact that half term is nearly over with still a heap of work to do.

P.S Thanks for all the wonderful comments and new followers! Will be replying  to comments later tonight and tomorrow. Plus here's my dip dyed hair that I was talking about in the last post...

Stepping into colours.

What I wore this weekend: Camden Market bag, Zara Dress, Vintage top, Miss Selfridge Shirt, Vintage Jacket. I think layering will be a key feature blooming into my looks-- I just can't get enough of that style seen in AW11 catwalks. 

Finally it's half term ( a very long awaited one). I began the break with going to see Crystal castles with Amy, dyeing my hair and 5 hours of Art work-which is still incomplete. First of all I just need to scream out (via my keyboard) how amazing crystal castles was! Alice Glass sadly had a broken foot, yet due to the whole 'Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll' image, it didn't stop her from blasting out a rad performance. Alice hobbled along to the beet, whilst  she then jumped on the amps and into the crowd- with just one foot free. No words can express how AMAZING it was (plus I just had to add, Amy and I, plus a few more of the crowd; were very much entertained with the group of people that danced in front of us.)  The rest of the week ahead will hopefully be just as good; with meet ups, trips to central London and much more frequent blog posts (hopefully one at least every other day!).  Now I have to go and finish my Art piece, which is looming right in front of me -- and as is the charcoal on my hands.

To end the posts this week I'll be adding a favourite AW11 collection of mine:

Image from Style.com

Acne AW11: With a metallic sheen, contrasting textures and layering; it feels as if the collection was made for me. Reminding me very much of a futuristic version of a 1960's woman with the use of shapes.  The collection depicted more sensibility than other Acne collections, but boy is there so much you can do with the pieces.

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A bone for some Ice cream?

Inspiration: Jeremy Scott AW11, image from Tumblr

Shirt Topshop, Shorts Modcloth, Bone Neckalce Tokyo Lux, Fishnets Topshop, Socks Asos, Jacket Topshop, Shoes Nasty Gal

Super quick update! Sorry for the lack of posting this week, I've sadly had to suffer revision for many exams (I literally thought this week was never going to end). Anyhow, on to a happier note- IT' HALF TERM! Yet the week is already filling up; tomorrow I'm going to Camden to then go see Chrystal castles, typical numerous marshmallow smothered sleepovers, Art coursework, revision and more revision (oh the joys of being a teenager).

Now enough of my rant. Recently I have been feeling the Spring vibes even though the catwalks are already onto AW11. When putting outfits together at the moment, all I can think of is Vibrant smooth sorbets and  kaleidoscopic sweets-  Thank god for Jeremy Scott (seen above) for keeping that infusion in his AW11. Keeping all of that in mind, whilst musing over high street brands the outfit above came to mind. Keeping it clean with the scallop finish, then adding summer fluffy warm textures with the hat (hair would be worn down), and of course I could not resist adding a futuristic gothic ora with the bone necklace, fishnets and metallic jacket.

Plus due to half term it means I can post more frequently. A huge thank you for all the new followers and comments. Also one last thing, soon it'll be 1 year since I started this blog; so look forward to a bigger giveaway than last time!

Will be replying to comments this weekend

P.S Don't forget to check out my collection here

Metallic Pills.

Pilar Vidal- one of the Brands at the Pure show. Couldn't resist putting up the flyers. So for all the brands out there I suggest you attach dolls to your flyers.

Helen Rochfort Handbags- 50's shape with phycadelic vibes and pop art styled. One of my fave brands at the show. 

What I wore to the Pure Spirit Trade show (I was listening to Courtney Cox and Babylon Zoo at the time, whilst flicking through 80's records such as Siouxsie and the Banshees; at the time of creating the outfit)  :
White Shirt-Asos, 
black shirt- H&M, 
Metallic top-vintage, 
studded choker and chain - Mum's from the 80's, 
Skirt- Gap, 
Bag- ?(A Goth shop in the Isle of wight...) , 
Shoes- Office

A rather successful weekend, I managed to venture to Camden and then in Contrast visit the Pure Trade show. For once I had money(!!!!!!), due to last week being my birthday. I managed to purchase a few bits and bobs, that you can see in my next post. The Pure trade show, shows all the latest brands collections'- SS11 and AW11. The Pure Spirit section is more so a showcase of the difusion range/ younger range of brands, and Pure London has the extra touch of class added to the brands. Sadly due to the hectic schedule  (I was literallty running around with 10 mins to spare from place to place: Dance to Camden, Camden to 'one-of-those-family-get-together-thingys', homework to the wild Londoners of the tube, the tube to the Pure show, Pure show to Grandma's. You get the gist, sorry for the rather unnecessary and irrelevant weekend schedule), I only got time to see Pure Spirit. With freebies on offer how could any teenager resist? I managed to find myself with free copies of  Drapers; a trend Bible and Notion Magazine at the end. There were some utter cutesy granny chic brands, floral heavens, 50's chic, and florescent street style brands (including Lazy Oaf). From seeing the AW11 brand collections, the high street seems to be gripping more than ever onto dainty 50's and 60's styled garments, except there's an exuberance of bright colour and print. Creating the perfect combo of granny chic- I think I'll be borrowing my Grandma's clothes more often. Texture still a key element for updating the look, with new fabrics such as plastics and satins bursting in. AW11 is going to be fun to play around with, so much so I cannot literally wait- Ebay here I come. 

 P.S: I think it's fair enough to say GaGa has outdone herself with arriving at the Grammy's in an egg designed by Hussein Chalayan. Wouldn't it be cool if we could all arrive to place like that or maybe have Hussein Chalayan design something for us? Trying to keep the week optimistic; with a much awaited half term approaching. 

Daisies and roses, Hoses and noses.

Daisies and roses, 
Hoses and noses, 
Freckles on a mountain,
starting to grow old
( Note: I know I sound pretentious, but you'll see why if you read on.)

Costume Jewellery 1937, (unknown-please email me if you know the source)

French Vogue Cover 1937,Nightgown Illustration, Vogue, I married an angel. Fashion spread from British Vogue (all unknown-please email me if you know)

Bugs crawling round your neck, a shoe on your head and a leaf suit- however, it's just a representation of unconscious thoughts. Take a dive into the surrealist world, playing with reality and creating dreamscape pieces. It started in the 20th Century with poets and Artists, and of course this influenced fashion. Famous Artists inclued Dali, Magritte, De Chirico, Man Ray to Oppenhiem. To all those who live in London, you may have been aware of the Ballet Russes exhibition at the V & A, costumes designed by  De Chirico. Though it was not just costume design, there was a place in Fashion too; seen in the works of Schiaparelli- Chanel said 'The famous Artist who makes clothes'. 

Hussein Chalayan SS11- reminds me very much of The lovers (as can be seen above)
Benoît Méléard tribute to American designer Beth Lavine

So what made me do this post? Surrealism is oozing in inspiration. Surrealism can be seen in collections today such as Hussein Chalayain, to shoe designer Benoîte Méléard. Plus Even in hair products, such as Hershesons clip on hair accessories- there's so much you could do with the pieces to layering, to stitching on flowers (I'm certainly going to be purchasing a piece).

So lets fly off with the birds,
and make daisy chains,
to finish off this lousy surrealist poem,
that's already flown with the coo coo birds.

(P.S will be replying to comments from the last post tomorrow!)

Sprinkling black petals.

First 2 Images from Style.com, last 4 images by me:

Mesh dress- Urban Outfitters
Shirt-H &M
Necklace- ?
Belt- Market

You've just entered a field with Wednesday Adams riding on a Unicorn, with stars and candy floss clustered around the scene. That's what I think whilst viewing Yohji Yamamoto and Giles Deacon SS11. I was completely dazed out of my mind. Both collections so vibrant; yet so different. Yohji Yamamoto takes on the twist of Industrial Gothic Wonderland. Contrasting textures and sudden outbursts of colours and stylised phycadelic iconography, topped with an intricate use of layering and shapes. Giving the feel of a raw Geisha. Where as Giles Deacon enters the Sorbet neon coloured cross Industrial World, influenced by the 90's. The collections gives the feel of the whole-trashy-burn-out-celebrity feel, complimented with almost drag styled make-up. Yet all the cross themes work with trainers, structured bodices, floaty silk skirts to 50's cat eye glasses, the contrasts building up to show off the style of 90's at its best, with an edge of course. I think I'll be needing a pair of neon trainers, I'm thinking chunky and metallic.

As for my outfit it was inspired the two collections. Sadly I had to put it tougher in a space of 5 mins, so next outfit will probably still be in ore of the collections and so will hopefully be better. (It looks very bland, a bit of a disappointment to post it on here, plus was wearing Patent Dr Martins which added to the look.)

Plus don't forget to check out pieces form my collection that you can purchase now. Hopefully this post has warmed you towards the pieces with the use of contrasting textures, and gothic wonderland essences (which can also be seen in Alexander Wang SS11). You can see how to purchase here.

Hope you have a fabulous week!



Oversized Bow Headband

Plastic and knit jacket

Flower hair Accessory and Chiffon Styled Corset

Finally. I've managed to get the items up to sell, due to technical difficulties ebay was not feasible. So all you have to do is email me at izzy.dot@btinternet.com, and payment can be arranged via email . Without realising, I ended up with much fewer items than expected after selling them after the catwalk show for 'Fashion Wizards' up until now (sold much more than expected!). 
So here's your last chance to purchase the last few limited edition garments:

Plastic and Knit Jacket (Middle photo)- £25

 Flower Hair Accessory (Last photo)-£8

Oversized Bow Headband (Top photo)-£9
Chiffon Styled Corset (Last photo)-£15

You can see the rest of the collection here.
Any inquiries and purchases please email: izzy.dot@btinternet.com

Izzy x

Minimalist ways.

 Necklace- Portobello Market
Kimono Top- Market
Skirt- India
Shoes- H&M
Shirt and Socks-Asos

Sorry for the delay between blog posts, it feels like I've had a lot of work yet I haven't got much done- as usual. Whilst musing over Pre Fall 2011 Collections, such as Balenciaga, Viktor and Rolf, Albino, Moschino to Philosophy; I got a regal and preppy vibe, clashed with chinese styled embroidery (to a certain extent).Preppy- Hipster-granny popped into my headI immediately thought about a kimono top I bought for £5-perfect. Then mixed with argyle socks, tartan wedges, and my indian skirt(complimenting the kimono). It was EXTREMELY difficult to take the photos, it's so hard to find a plain and non-cluttered spacious area in my house, hence the dodgy staircase position.

On the other hand whilst flicking through the Pre Fall collections, I was somewhat disappointed by the still apparent minimalist trends that have been developing since last year and beyond. Means vintage shops to Camden to Fabric stores will be calling my name. I'll be looking through a lot more paintings, Fashion history books, cultural references to fabrics for inspiration for upcoming season.

Will be replying to all your wonderful comments this week, keep it up. Feel free to email me, and have a great week!

Off to learn french now, Au Revoir ;)

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