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Just a little update, sorry for the numerous outfit posts, promise next one will be better -more photo shoot like (I hope). The outfit was done very quickly, influenced by lolitas, punks, 1950's chicks, think of all the Greece ladies.

At the moment I'm in love with 50's chicks, film noirs being the main influence. All the lust and pathos, so entertaining to watch, I suggest you watch Sunset Boulevard. Though I must say it's a required taste. Also I managed to bag myself some white chunky heels form ebay under £10! Will be replying to comments all this week :)


First 5 images taken by me, 6th Image Style Rookie, 7-10 my Tumblr ( I do not own the images).

Image 1- Portobello 
Image 2- Primark head piece
Image 3- What I wore
Image 4- Inspirations (images from

While flicking musing over SS11 collections I was inspired to create a preppy/lolita/gothic outfit. Inspired by Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, Moschino, to Meadham Kirchhoff SS11. The lace styles mixed with an infusion of bright colours, compliment the contrasting textures- it's like candy floss come to life (*if only I had more money*). 

This weekend I went out to Portobello with a few of my friends, it was AMAZING. I've actually never been to Portobello *gasps*. The markets were scattered with vantage, antiques to handmade goods. I managed to purchase 5 things for £20- bargain! I was so tempted to buy a pink Polaroid, sadly I'd already been enlightened to the handmade jewellery (you can see some of it in my next post). After Portobello, we ventured to the frugal teenager's home-Primark. Primark have some amazing stock at the moment, from leather shorts to deer head rings. I bought a netted heart clip, which you can see in the photo above, reminded me very much of Alice In Wonderland cross between Miu Miu SS11. I really recommend you go if your tight on money ;).

Really sorry for the long delay in between posts, I've already got photos taken for the next post, so all is good! Will be replying to your wonderful comments, look forward to hearing your views on the post:



A whole lotta Love

Shirt- Asos, 

Cardigan- Primark, 

Woah what a week, and what a week to come. The amount of work load is bloody crazy, I feel like i'm always going on about it. Though at least Art has lead me to finding some amazing photographer such as Laurence Olivier, her work is so haunting yet it's as if there's a bit of fairy dust sprinkled on top- check her out. Also i had a bit of Xmas money left over, which meant i bough the above trousers, socks and crazy cool shirt. The outfit inspiration came from minimalism (in so many SS11 catwalks) mixed with the 1950's to a touch of punk. Quite excited for outfit I've been thinking of inspired by the one and only Christopher Kane SS11, and then meets Viktor and Rolf SS11 and AW10. Also if time was nicer to mer I had this whole 70's shoot planned- so hopefully later this week.

Plus the last two images are edits I did of the above by increasing the highlights...PURPLE HAIR! There are no words that can describe how much I want that hair colour. Sadly I'm not permitted to do that, though my mumma is letting me go slowly blonder so I can work up to it.

Hope all you guys have a fab week! Plus a MASSIVE thank you to all the new followers and comments- means a lot. So keep the comments coming, I always try to reply ;D


Giveaway time.

As promised in the last post it's giveaway time! First of all there's the Nylon Street View book up for grabs, and I couldn't give it away without adding some stylish accessories to style up your outfits ;) (not that's needed of course). So secondly 2 Funky brightly coloured religious iconography bracelets, and thirdly a leopard print headscarf (perfectly on trend). 

To enter all you have to do is:

 -Leave a comment saying 'Enter me' and your email
-Be a Follower
- Enter by the 15th January 

So good Luck and keep the comments coming!

Inspiration forms from strangeness.

 From Pretty In Pink to Goth, a trend inspired by the rise of Vintage- depicted by the Oh My Love dress worn, creepers and velvet leggings. The little angst shoot was inspired by the likes of Gavin Watson's Punk Images to Sofia Ajram's galactic images. The shoot being very amateurish- done at night by a 14 year old girl whom does not know all the functions of her new camera, ended up being somewhat discombobulated from one another. I was trying to depict that dazed, confused, lost yet playful girl. The photos were taken in the holiday Home's large and lush garden (late night photos would not be permitted in the parks of London- I have quite a small garden). 

Anyhow I am back to London, back at school and back to work. The next two weeks consist of exams and revision. Oh what joy. I got asked to do a video on the DIY COLLAR/ NECKLACE, sadly with exams coming up I won't be able to do it right now. Though thank you for mentioning, it's given me inspiration to start a 'vlogging'. As for the store I was literally about to launch it today, but then yet again it wouldn't except details,etc. If I was an adult it would have been up since December, I'm very sorry. 
So to make up for it the next post will consist of a give-away! 

Note: I'll be replying to comments form previous post and this one later this week


Pretentious is my middle name.

Images copyright of 'All Swamped In Flowers'

Shirt -Zara
Skirt- Vintage
Cardigan- ?
Bangle- Present
Ring- Claires
Head Scarf- Vintage
Collar/Necklace- Made by me (DIY)

First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all had a great New Year's eve, and wishing you all the best for the New Year! 

Anyhow, I'm in Malvern, which is caressed by marshy green fields and hills, among ice glazed ponds. It's so great to have a change of scene, and moreover the fresh air, compared to London- though I'll always be a town girl at heart. The house is great for photos...CLEAR WHITE WALLS! Plus the surrounding fields will be great for photos/photo shoot; hopefully you'll see them in my next post. So as you can see I made use of the clear walls, to do a long awaited outfit post. I'm not too fond of outfit posts, I feel they lack substance and are for vanities sake. So to add some of that substance, I edited the photos and tried to add an edge with effects. Inspired by the likes of Anna Sui to Miu Miu SS11, combined with the influential Isabella Blow. Then to top it all off, the cultural christmas atmosphere, with winter fairgrounds, full of traditional merry-go-rounds. Trying to express fun, added with sophistication.

 There's no way of putting an outfit together without being inspired, and as always I remind myself the cliche saying 'Fashion is Art', maybe one could call me pretentious. Though Art is to the eyes' beholder, and if done well and sustainable, fashion can be an example too. Note: I believe Fashion is giving meaning to the garments through numerous ways,  but not wearing the latest trends, following the crowd and just taking outfit photos- that is trend. 

Plus I'm thinking of doing a few Article Style posts, just wondering if that would that go down well?
You can Comment or email me with your opinions!

Best wishes for the New Year!


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