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As you know it's the Summer Holidays; which means free time ;)! Well anyway that gave me time to do some creative making! Also an opportunity to post garments I had made before. So I'm going to post different Garments every day or so.

What I've made:

Recently I decided to do a 'sustainable Fashion' garment, so I used this Raincoat. I knew I wouldn't use it again; and wanted to make use out of it; and suddenly I had a brain Wave. I made a skirt and cropped raincoat jacket. I thought it would be quite interesting to play around with the texture of raincoats, to make something different and unusual. The skirt was made to be tulip shaped, and used the draw strings to make the waist band ;).


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Vintage Stop*

When I first started blogging, I came across Vintag Stop; what a wonderful blog it is ;). Full of fashion mainly, but also about day to day life; always from an interesting point of view. Funny thing is that I realised Vicki, whom is 16, went to my dance school, also I see her walking down my road from school ( makes me sound a tad like a stalker.....) ;). So I decided it was time for a little thing called an 'Interview'. It s a good read ;)

How did you start to become interested in fashion?

 I keep changing my mind about this question because I'm not

really sure how my interest for it occurred. My family has
been a huge influence. I think my sister, Liz was the
largest influence since she had been interested in fashion
long before me and always bought fashion magazines like
Vogue and Elle and I always liked looking at the
advertisements and the pretty clothes. My parents always
loved John Galliano's couture, I was intrigued by my mum's
old wardrobe and my dad studied textiles and had all these
old men's Vogue magazines so I guess I've been slightly
surrounded by fashion growing up although it didn't affect
my sister, Alex at all (she's a very plain Jane).

How would you describe your style? 
Always changing. I get bored easily of the same thing after
a while so I like to try new things out regularly, being
influenced by what I like on the cat walk and my mood,
mixing it with my mum's old vintage.

Who inspires you in Fashion? 

Alexa Chung and Florence because they never fail to deliver
a wonderful outfit. Lady Gaga because she takes everything
to the next level and I admire that in a way. Alexander
McQueen, Tim Walker and John Galliano for being absolute
genuises. I'm sure I'm forgetting some more people.

What inspired you to start your amazing blog ;)? 
My friend, Aashna (
already had a blog and told me about it and said I should
try it out and I'm so thankful for that because blogging is
bloody fantastic. Tavi ( also
inspired me to because I admired (and envied ;)) her
individuality and
success at such a young age!                                                        <-------- Ahhh SAME as me!                  

Your main ambition? What would you like to do eventually in
Fashion/ Life?

Well, in a perfect world, my mum would encourage me to go
into fashion and the fashion industry wouldn't be so
competitive. But for now, my dreams are to be successful,
rich and happy in whatever I do (probably something Mathsy)
but to keep my love for fashion alive by continuing
blogging. Oh, and I aim to sit in at least the third row in
any fashion show and to have my hands on my own pair of
peach diamante encrusted armadillo heels! Yes, I'm very

Your main hobby? 
Dancing, playing the piano and playing tennis on wii which
is my greatest forte ;)

What is Fashion to you? 
Ahh, I always think of this question. I won't say anything
cheesy like it's art or whatever so I shall say that is a
bunch of fresh ideas that designers think of which changes
every season and creates a trend which influences people.

Fave designer, why? 
The late Alexander McQueen, the great man himself, because
he was so consistent in each line and I've loved almost
every single one of them! May Sarah Burton keep up to at
least half his standard. Apart from that, I don't always
stick to a favourite designer since it depends on how much I
like their most recent collection which changes every
season. For me, Spring/ Summer 2010 was the best so far -
Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs were all too good
for words.

Fave shop, why? 
Beyond Retro all the way because it's very affordable, the
vintage is bloody amazing and there won't be anyone else
with the same item!                                                                 
<-------- Ahhh SAME as me! 


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Vicki' lookbook profile:

End of term!

Well yesterday, we broke up from school (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP)! SO my friends and I did some retail therapy ;), and went to the park in which I managed to do some pics for my lookbook post ;), after we had a sleepover. Though sadly we didn't get the opportunity to do my 'Starbucks Marathon';  which is where we you go round every Starbucks and buy a  different Frappicino ( yes, I am obsessed with Starbucks), so instead I bought two at once ;).Well anyway here are some of the photos, and the lookbook post from them ;)

Lookbook is a rather confusing concept, I'd say it's more about the photography than the actual outfit. So I doubt I'll get many hypes for my few new LookBook post. So I've decided I really need a new camera, the resolution and picture size just ins't strong enough.

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 Here is theLookBook post, made out of some old photos:

Essence of Swamped In Flowers

Doing my daily Blog looking, I came across these amazing images below on Studded Hearts. These Photos show the beauty of what I was thinking with my Blog title, absolutely fairy like, and just dazed in the being of true beauty and magic of all things mystical (sounds a bit cheesy, but I LOVE these Images)!

Model: Snejana Onopka

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Charming Introduction

My friend Chloe is a little, cute, warm, sweetheart; and has a blog of her own too! Chloe blogs about photography, and recently got this AMAZING new camera... JEALOUS! So far no new pics form that camera up yet, as it's a birthday prezzie in the waiting...;). For all you photography lovers, take a look at her blog; as her photography gets better and better through the practice. So hopefully I've charmed you into her blog

It takes two baby...

Iris Van Herpen; fashion designer. United Nude; shoe designer. For AW10 the two paired up, United Nude offered to do the shoes for the collection; to bring more of a focus to shoes in fashion collections; as generally they come as the second thought. Both labels meshed together well, both futuristic and architectural designs. United Nude has paired up with other designers in the past, and has worked successfully. The shoes are handmade, out of Italian leather, pure quality; with metallics matching the garnment that reflect the light, creating a swirl, adding the architectural effect. Best part is that the collection will be available in shops for purchase; limited edition. The collaborated labels; create a femininity to the Futuristic Fashion Alien; increasing in population ;). So here is the collaborated collection:

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MMM Haute Couture AW10: Urban Animals

Ohhhh YAY, time for some beautiful, timely garments, all made to look effortless; clearly done by Maison Martin Margiela for AW10. Martin Margiela founded his label 20 year sago inspired by second hand items while touring round the globe. MMM always produces subtle coloured garments, though with great structure and technique; evident in this collection.

This AW10 collection centred round textures, and playing around with different fabrics, from faux fur ( or real fur) to suede to leather, to soft to rigid; you name it; it's been experimented with. Creating textured looks; clearly an AW10 trend. The colours match to the animal textured fabrics used; using key colours such as brown and black. The collection very much reminds me of futuristic animals; as futurism has been a  key trend, and with the fabrics put together in a symmetrical one of some sort. In my opinion the collection is the leash of 'Urban Animals' ;).

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