Die hard

Top sent to me fromOh Hell, Shirt- Asos, Blazer- New Look, Choker- Car Boot Sale, Necklace- Claires,Trousers-Paul Smith, Boots-Karimor, Socks- Primark

A bit of die hard Chanel literally die hard. A melting Chanel logo on a t- shirt brings along so many 90's vibes and thoughts of religious iconography. Perhaps a bit of Gwen Stefani? Or burn-out-celebrity Lindsey Lohan vibes? Finally it gave me the chance to wear my bindie stickers, I say free, but I did buy a trashy kids magazine just to get them. Though of course I didn't want to loose the sophistication of Chanel, some slick tailoring was needed. Then suddenly, (*warning, this bracket is unneeded, but oh my god, boy did it seems like this*a smooth sweeping fairy fizzled in) my mum flew in and gives me a pair of Paul Smith trousers! They are a pair from the 90's, which perfectly and coincidentally fitted in with the theme. Taking inspiration from the contrasting fabric trends in AW11, I decided to juxtapose the soft and slick tailored garments to a rough and bulky walking boots.

Plus have any bloggers seen the Style Hunter shoot in Vogue, it reminded me so much of an idyllic street style dream? Id happily wear it as put in the photos- which is saying something! I'd be super happy to hear your thoughts on it. Finally, check out the fabulous blog Pneumonia White who added me recently to their blog roll, it's a super fab blog. 

Hybrid girl

After coming across the Motel Fall 2011 collection on the blogosphere; I felt a certain urge to share it with you. There's something quite raw about it, it somehow reminds me of the Australian fashion scene- especially with the slightly done hair. The collection is fabulous for the AW11 trends, from androgynous shapes mixed with 1940's vibes to some 90's popculture references. Though suddenly the reference to the dress of the season (for me) appeared...the...*drum roll* PRADA MONDRIAN DRESS (referencing Yves Saint Laurent). Not only the Prada, beloved Rodarte vibes flooded through the collection- with neat but raw styling. Prada and Rodarte mixed together~~how could you say no?~~

Plus the giveaway is now open till the 30th July, so keep on entering! (plus this is a no comment post; as I've just returned form D of E-so I'm absolutely wrecked!) 


Oh the time has arisen again, and it's just as good as ever! Zalando are offering one of you fab readers to recieve a £20 voucher- so you could buy itmes for £20 or even get £20 off. Zalando have hundreds of choices; from Jeffrey Campbell, to converse, to dresses, to skirts, to blouses- everything!You can buy on trend pieces, unique pieces or just practical wear. So I've created some moldboards to show you the value for money with their great discounts- no words can describe how much I crave for those dolphin shoes and handbag-no words. All you have to do to win the fabulous voucher is:
- Follow this blog on Google
-Comment with your email address, so I can give you the voucher
-Enter by the 23rd of July
-Extra entry: Follow on Bloglovin
-Extra entry: Follow me on tumblr
(So you could get 2 extra entries!)

Good Luck!
Izzy xo

Bargain Baby

Back to Vlogging finally ( a bit disappointed with the quality of the video, considering it took 276 mins to upload)! I've decided to do a series of videos about best places to go for bargains: ebay, car boot sales, charity shops etc. At the end of the series, I'll conclude where's the best place to go; where you find the most interesting pieces, cheapest pieces and so on.

Now as for the video, I do mention something about a 50's skirt, and I couldn't remember the name at time time! So here it is: Parachute skirt.

I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions on the video; so comment, or if you want you can email me!

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