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Jacket- gift, top-Handmedown, shirt- thrifted, skirt- gift, socks- M&S, Creepers- Underground, belt- primark, necklace- Casper&Pearl

It feels so nice, to see a clear box to write text in; rather than cramped revision notes and textbooks full of pages that my brain doesn't seem to want to aquaint with. Revision has been the reason for the sketchy blogging, and I swear History will be the death of me.

On a more positive note, Brighton. I've been wanting to put up these photos for yonks, but there's been lots of change of directions for them- maybe more of that later. I was urged to upload them recently, as Casper&Pearl wanted to see what I'd wore their necklace with. I mentioned in a few posts ago that I went to Brighton with my friends, and it was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Crazy cheap vintage shops, a baby cyber dog, teen buskers, and of course the sea. With merry go rounds that rang in my ears and shops in every corner, I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland--sounds strange, but the two together seem to be a bit of a surreal mixture; and there were many mad hatter reminiscent stores. 

So as for what I wore. I think I've literally been indoctrinated by Christopher Kane's SS11 collection. The neons were inspired by the collection, and urged me to bring out a skirt that my mum got for me as a gift from India. You all probably know, that I LOVE contrasting textures; so out came the PVC and satin. I felt a bit like a cross between Alice in Wonderland, Wednesday Adams, and a crazy old textiles teacher~~all of which I aspire to be when I'm older, just today I was thinking when I'm 60+ I'm going where acid blue nail varnish and matching eye liner (maybe that's just because I have a thing for Zandra Rhodes). 

So aurevior for now! I'll be posting much more frequently, as it's half term and revision has given me even more of an excuse to do so. Plus keep the emails coming, I'll have time to reply to them more quickly this week!  Plus it's last day for the 20%discount at Azuni (their jewellery is gorgeous- so what you waiting for?) 

Feeling like a Trapezium.

Images from

Images from Dazed & Confused 

Feeling like I've been dragged through a dozen thorn bushes, and then back. D of E was an experience, having 3 hours sleep then walking 8 miles the next day - I love camping. Anyhow, I've also got the flu/cold. So I thought I'd do an inspiration post, since I haven't done one for yonks! 

 Kerhao Yin recently graduated from Central St Martins, but has already designed for the likes of Chloé and Venessa Bruno. Kerhao Yin excels in illustration, and has been featured in ELLE to Harper's Bazaar. The future's bright for the young illustrator, but now Kerhao Yin has started his own label. The label's AW11 Collection contrasts to the feminine and soft aesthetic of the likes of Chloé. The collection calls out shape, texture, colour, and intricate detailing. All of which combine to create a rather lustful industrial feel- who would have thought an industrial feel could be lustful? The bold and geometric designs are partly inspired by Kerhao Yin's love for paintings; I'm feeling Kandinsky vibes. Let's just leave it at that- Art. (Yes I know that sounded a bit cringey.)


First of all Excuse the weird thumbnail, I have to wait '36 hours' till it will change. 

I said before that I was going to venture into the vlog world, and well I finally have. I've been rumaging through my wardrobe recently, and throwing out bits and bobs, and well we all have those winter garments that sit in our wardrobe solemnly alone through the summer. So I thought why not do a video on how to style a winter piece for summer? So I hope you enjoy! Plus here's the link to the tartan outfit I wore previously (it'll make sense when you watch the video!)Any questions just comment or email at

P.S Sorry for the lack of replies I've been super busy with exams and all that jazz...

Blurring my vision.

All Photos by me

Recently I finally managed to purchase some film for my Mum's old (well retro) film camera. I really wanted to have the experience of surprise and anticipation involved with the photography, rather than the less special instantaneous Digital way. It's such a pleasure to open the packet and see the clean glossy photos. I must say I was quite pleased and well shocked with how the photos turned out,  as considering it was my first time using a film camera-- I was expecting a spread of blacked and whited out photos. The photos seem a bit disjointed from the more fashion orientated posts, but photography does comes with fashion, so I thought why not? Oh yes, there are some more blurred photos than others, I'm just going to say that was my 'conceptual intention' ( well some are actually intentionally like that...). On another note, blog posts may start to slack a bit considering exams are coming up; though keep all the comments and emails coming!

P.S Thanks to all the new followers! Nearly 600! 

Do the Hawaiian wave (well if it exists).

Note I tried to dye my hair blonde, and well it went ginger. Hawaiian Top: Vintage, Necklace: Topshop, Shirt: Asos, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: ?, Shoes: M &S

 When times like these have inspired the likes of Vivienne Westwood, there's no harm in saying no. Yesterday, I had a little family trip to Hampton Court, as my Granddad hadn't been for 20 years or so. I must admit after visiting Hampton Cournt 3 times or so before, I wasn't exactly that open minded to it. Though once there, I was in awe of all the renessaince paintings, frames, and deer heads (and no I'm not an Animal killer, just lovin' the english Herretaige style). Full of blooming tress that caress the gardens, it was a beautiful and picturesque site. Not only that, but after reading books such as the 'Other Bolyn Girl', I always seem to feel a lurking sense of gossip and scandal. Well I did experience a bit of scandal, I decided to wear tights that were too small for me. So therefore we ended up going back to the car park, and somehow managed to carefully snip the bottom half of the tights and then change back, still keeping all my dignity.

As for the outfit, it was not inspired by the trip. I'd been lusting for a Hawaiin T-Shirt for yonks, and then suddenly BAM out comes a whole rack full of £5(!!) Hawaiin shirts in Brighton. So whilst there a few weeks a go, I bought one. It wasn't until after buying the shirt that  I then realised how on trend it was, with similar themes showing in PRADA SS11 and Dior SS11- so much more styling to come for this shirt. So I paired it with my leopard print skirt and Topshop Bird necklace- taking a leaf out of PRADA. Hawaiian shirts are notoriously known for bad taste, so I made the outfit more kitsch by adding the little dog embellished bag that my Grandma gave to me when I was younger. I have gazillions of Hampton Court photos, but I'll wait for more of a similar themed outfit till I share them, makes more sense. 

Plus with all the bloggers youtubing at the moment, such as the wonderful STUDMUFFIN blog, I was wondering if you guyzz would be interested- I have some DIY tutorials that are awaiting to be shared. So as ever, any thoughts just email me at!
Hope you all had a fab Holiday, on a Royal note I bought a tiara at Hampton court! 

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