Go-Girl Power

Jacket- Zara, Choker- Mum, Necklace-Primark, jumper- Zara, Skirt- River Island, Shoes- Topshop

For about 2 years now I have been obsessed by the lather and PVC trend, coming from a strong gothic heritage. Whether it's Gareth Pugh or even Rick Owens both inevitably featured leather being synonymous with the 'darker' side of fashion. Even designers like McQueen portrayed Elizabethan S&M inspired garments. It is no surprise, my PVC skirt has become my favourite winter garment, being easy to accessorise and adapt. Plus with the 90's luvin' still continuing, check out my newly purchased PVC Buffalo boots - a perfect reflection of  teen angst girl power!! 

p.s I have been working on my own zine, here's a little unedited teaser pic; 

Call Me

I'm away currently on a 3 week long tropical exploration- from Dubai to Malaysia to Thailand. The sunshine having radiated into my (of course) strong sensibility, has meant I feel as if I'm living The Beach or perhaps any other flower power lifestyle. Indeed, the 70's have been calling me, as has Call GirlMickael Marcimain’s new 2013 70's drama, however it is not all flowers, peace and love. It is tense, gritty and based on a true story over Sweden's underage prostitution scandal. Perhaps, its a reflection of the hazed over romance of today, with still a strong class divide in Sweden. Less literally, everything is getting a bit grittier at this time of the year with summer coming to an end and the AW13 Punk trends coming through. However, the filmography has the delights and awe of a 70's disco.  (I'll be home on Sunday so expect lots of also pretty tropical updates- if you want to see up to date commentry check out my Instagram). 



Headpiece- Primark and vintage, Dress- M&S, Lace overall- Vintage

With the Asian trend for SS13 going to Morroco seemed to fit in well. Even though it is actually in Africa, its aesthetic appears as a less saturated version of Oreiental visuals- along with the similar blasting heat. I took on this correlation,  by creating a softer version of Asian aesthetics with floaty fabrics, however still layered as seen with the Prada SS13 collection. However, pop-culture always a dominant role. Lana Del Rey yet again is one of the summer anthems, so taking inspiration from the album cover I couldn't help wear a floral head garland, which too feature in t raditional Asian designs. 

Briget'in it back

Tunic- Primark, Boots- Thrift store, Glasses- Primark, Hat- Tesco

It's been a long time- to say the least. However, I am back with exactly 5 posts in the running ready to go - so I can at least promise that. So what have I been up to? Well that is to be answered in another post, including photos from Morocco.

However, back to the usual outfit babble. Without the blogging I've still kept on top of the must read Style Bubble, the mandatory Vogue and instincitve trips to Brick Lane, the V& A, etc (and it also seems, being pretentious). The outfit has been inspired by the 1960's monochrome trend, partly because of impossible desire to be like Pauline Stone and Bridget Bardot.  combined with a bit of sports luxe, as seen in the SS13 collections from Jil Sander to Alexander Wang to Marc Jacobs. I am currently a sucker for all things mesh, and black & white (as you will see in the next post).

As for now it's a hello from me, and not goodbye just yet.

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