Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Reykjavik Fashion Festival ended on the 23rd of March, and there were a few designers I just had to 
search up. The one that stood out to the press was Mundi, such as to 'dazed and confused', though not 
my favourite (still amazing of course). The Festival was part of 'Design March' in Iceland, which exhibitsall types of art, from architecture to Fashion. My favourites included: Hildur Yeoman, Kalda, Sonja Bent, though Mundi too as his work was extremely technical, and unique, though the aesthetics of Kalda 
were to my preference.
Sonja Bent, image from

Kelda, image from

Hildur Yeoman, image from

Mundi, image from

Pop into the Pop-Up

For a short time only in Bicester Village a Pop-Up store will appear, there from the 29th March -7th May, with RTW clothing from upcoming new British designers. In the Village there are the likes of PPQ, Emma Cook and House of Holland! The idea came from he British Fashion council, to help raise awareness of these ever so talented avant- garde designers. The designers included will be the likes of Hannah Marshall, Goat and Louise Gray ( whom I love).

Images of Louise Gray designs AW 10 

Modern Missoni

Missoni's AW10 collection, was still based on the whole 'put together' look, from the historic Italian Fashion House. The AW10 collection somewhat differed in someways, with cultural references to Africa and Scotland, for example tartan prints (always seem to be a trend in AW), along with crochet tops, and knits. Though this was not the biggest change. Daughter of Angela Missoni; Margherita Maccapani Missoni, designed accessories for the collection. Elegance  always involved though with a futuristic look, for example round sunglasses. The taste of her designs, worked well with Missoni designs, and complimented them, and showed off the texture for AW10, all this to bring something new to the palette.

Images from


A pretty lazy post, but here goes...

Today I went to Central London with my friend Christina, accompanied by our sassy french exchanges, while going to the obvious; Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, and so on, we went to Topshop. I just couldn't get my eyes off the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania And Melissa SS10 shoe collection. With a modern twist on classic designs, it just reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, absolutely enchanting, I'd heard about the shoes before, but not till you see them ( and try them on), you get to see how amazing they are. 

It was a rather Vivienne Westwood day, I browsed her Red label collection in Harrods (a bit vulgar of me to be there, all a bit O.T.T, for my liking, and plus I'm not a fan of Cavalli), then her jewellery and accessories in Harvey Nichols, I need the Purses! It just amazes me how many designer copy her...well it's to expect with her amazing outrageous designs.

Images from

Narcissism-Architecture- Fashion

Danish design student, Stine Ladefoged's showed his graduate collection, and has made quite a success. Called 'Narcissism is calling', reflects postmodern architecture skills in knitwear, with a neutral palette and structured knitwear, it can seem to be bland, though the structure is the attention seeking aspect; hence narcissism. The collection can reflect the want and self obsession in the modern World, and how it is everywhere; hence the neutral palette, though also the want to be big, and overpowering, which is shown in the architectural design, as buildings were part of the influence on this collection. It may not be my favourite collection, due to the bland colours though I admire all the twisting and structure. The symbolism, and great technical skill; with knots and wraps, to from architectural structures, it is Art in its own rightImages from

Turban for the Urban

Well Turban's are back, a real street style trend, which I love! I've noticed even on Facebook, there have been groups about turban's, no clue why? As not to do with fashion. Turban's Can be worn classy, or even grunge, though is a classic vintage look ( seems us Brits can't get enough of vintage ;) ), though in 2007, Prada attempted to bring back the turban but it didn't really pick up too much. Turban's can be purchased at places such as beyond retro, and I'm sure you could make your own turban, I will *attempt* that!

Images from

Brogues and Loafers

Well most of us now have a pair of brogues....except maybe for chavs....

But well A new thing to look out for are Loafers! Still just as preppy as brogues, but more appropriate for summer, as much as i love brogues I feel they have been in for a long time (I've had some for 2 years), so I converted to loafers! I'm planning on customising the fringe on my loafers with little flowers. So keep a look out for loafers in charity shops, topshop, and even clarks :)

Loafers are perfect with cute floral skirts, harem pants, bodycon dresses; you can get a feel for different textures and shapes.  A must have!


Who can't resist a bit of couture....

Well Alexis Mabille couture designer went for tailoring in a different way seen to the eye. With geometric prints, ahead for A/W 2010, with the clash of geometric design and coture tailoring, it is a complete different experience for the eye, and is rather enchanting. Also the designs included mismatching shoes, and mismatched outfits, though it all worked with the clashing colours, and this created the geometric design. When I think of geometric design, I think of something quite neat and compact, which is reflected in the designs, though also in the hair with centre partings, and this reflects divide in the clashing of colours. One of my favourite couture designers for this season. Sorry this was late, but just though I had to share how much I love this collection!

Image from


Simon Ekrelius Swedish fashion designer started his first RTW collection only four years ago, where as before he did haute couture. Though now his designs are making a big impression on the fashion industry, with his great technical skills, and using them in different ways, using more industrial materials, breaking the rules and using plastics, suede and leathers. His 2010 A/W collection 'stardust', (the name quite ironic to the materials used), included geometric prints and shoulder pads. Though by all means it was still as magical as 'stardust'.
Images from

Curve Lurve


Images from

Louis Vuitton in Paris was quite a hit in Paris. Very minimalist and elegant, bringing back the 1950's woman, different to most recent AW10 RTWcollections. Thought here was a twist, with 1950's structure in the garments, leather was used in some, and gave it a modern feel, also textures were used, a key fashion trend for AW10, making it just that little bit different and more chic than 'mumsy' some could say. I feel it is a great follow on from SS10, colours gradually getting darker but keeping it to a nutral palette. Though a very new thing which was a great success, was bringing back the curves (sadly I have none) Vintage lovers, a must see!

Alexander Wang

Image from:
Velvet is a must have for Autumn/Winter 2010,as shown in the Pure Fashion show a few weeks ago (sorry late blogging!)though didn't quite pick on last year, but this year looks like it's going to be a must have, if you are daring enough to wear it, as sometimes can looked aged, maybe work that to your advantage and make it look vintage from the 80's, though add some textured layers :). As the key is not to over do it, as this season it seems to be used as a sophisticated edge, though I may be a culprit of going over the top, as I LOVE VELVET!
 Velvet is shown in Alexander Wang's Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. Iv'e picked up some velvet leggings for a measly £7 in a Topshop sale, and nearly bought leather trousers for £10, which was also shown in the pure fashion show!

Tied me in

Copyright of

Couldn't help but Love Cook's tie-dye top in skins, and just thought with all the heavy layers, furs, and exaggerated (softer than Autumn/Winter 2009) shoulders in Autumn/Winter 2010, tie-dye could be a nice contrast to give the look an edge, with chiffon layer on top, and a tailored coat, a bohemian chic edge.


Westfield this sunday, not exactly the most avont-guard place, but well somehow maybe I'll find a few bargains here and there, and the fashion conscious victims pandering round to shop to shop, maybe  a little inspiration <3


Well this is a floral print I designed, I'm still obsessed with floral even though they are going out in Autumn/Winter 2010, maybe make them more geometric? Mixed and matched with nautical works well, and a breath of fresh air for the summer with the clash prints and making it your own.

This summer has begun, the sun is shining, and I must say i'm feeling rather good. Well nautical is back again, and when it first came out again 2 years ago, lets say I did not think much of it. Well this year my view on it has changed quite a bit. Im in love with the striped maxi skirts at Topshop, cotton so completely accessible, and can be stylised is so many ways, from 90's boho, to maybe even rock chic? If u wore it with a pair of Dr Martins, some heavy jewellery and a band logo t-Shirt, I must say I will be doing that look.

I like poetry....... so i write 

'I want to lye in that field, embraced in flowers and feel dazed.
Just Dazed &
Not confused'

'They trick you with their foolish love games,
You sit and wait,
You sit and wait,
You sit and no more waiting,
For you know the truth,
The truth is bleak,
The truth is something you have to deal with,
It can never be forgotten,
I will just change the way I deal with it,
I will put all the darkness that envelopes me
To be your fault,
You are the introduction to my Thoughts,
So now you are the end,
For I am no longer infatuated by you,
I am in infatuated by my hate and confusion for you,
So I will smile and continue to aim,
Yes aim,
For some things are not possible,
But I will make you possible,
As this full stop means the change in you and me.'

Alexander McQueen's last collection at Paris Fashion Week, Autumn Winter 2010 bewildered people in the drawing room, with His signature style obvious it was as spectacular as usual, even though the 16 garments were 80% finished.  With elegance and a historical feel,  fierce boots, and oversized skirts, A bit of everything.

What do you think?

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 

Lets think i'm about the billionth teenage blogger?  :) 
and so on...

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