It's come again, and it's come again better than ever- it's giveaway time. The wonderful ShopAlike and I have teamed up to give you fab readers a Modalu London Kiera bag(made out of leather). Retailing at £115- £140, I think you would be silly not to enter. To win the magnificent bag all you have to do are as follows:

1) You must be following via Google (blogger)- I will check as sad as that sounds
2) For an extra entry follow via bloglovin
3) For an extra extra entry, mention the giveaway on your blog
4) Just leave your email, so I can back to the wonderful winner!
5) You must enter by the 10th April (only two weeks), the winner by publicised and notified on the night!

I will check all the above, so finally Good luck! Plus whilst you're at it, why don't you check out the rest of ShopAlike; they have many bags to amazingly rad leggings (gosh I want it all!)  

Living in a Material World!

Shirt- ASOS, Jacket- H&M, Gloves- Beyond Retro and everything else thrifted.

First of all sorry for the MASSIVE delay in posting. I have been so busy, and right now I'm meant to be doing GCSE work; I've got all my exams and deadlines approaching- and it's hell (just a year and a half to go...).

So the idea behind the little shoot? Tackyness. It's become more and more and more fashionable; with unicorns popping up here and there to wearing that jumper your granny knitted you. So I decided to take it just that step further. I ventured into the land of those who are devoured in cheap fake tan (a.k.a tango cream), acrylic nails, skirts that barely cover their derriers and hair extensions. I think you get the picture. Now of course I wasn't going to do any of the above materialistic options...but I was going to invest in fake designer bags (not just because I'm a budget teenager *wink wink*).  I could never betray the designers, so I decided to be ironic, by shouting out to you that they're FAKE! Gosh It's so fun to walk around and just pretend that you're holding a real Prada bag, yet still having the pride to casually say 'oh it's fake'. So to reflect all of this in the photos I added the 'Free for Cleaning' sign (that originally was on my bedroom door)- it's meant to reflect the self-absorbed little materialistic bubbles that people are in who invest in fake designer bags in order to look rich or 'on-trend'. Oh, and the irony of having 'Material Girl' by Madonna on replay at this moment in time. 

Anyhow, the world of homework awaits. Though I do have some mega exciting news! There will be a giveaway in the next post ( and better than the last) for all you amazing followers- so stay tuned!



Super super super quick update! Found this collections, and fell in love. The use of cards with numbers, is really aesthetically pleasing and adds a gothic message/ touch. I would go on explaining more- but literally I have so much work to do. Plus it's typical the nicest day of the year I'm stuck in working for Exams- just a year and half to go... Will be posting tomorrow, if not Monday hopefully; and will be replying to comments, so keep the comments and emails coming!

Images from Japanese Streets

Clashing Colours.

1st and 6th Image- Putney, 2nd -5th Image -What I wore: Dress- Topshop, Shirt- Miss Selfridge, Collar- made by me, Studded Choker- My mum's, Coat- thrifted, Tights- Primark, Socks- Tesco, Creepers- Underground. Yes I know you can see my spilt Starbucks Frappuccino on my tights.

Such a tiering weekend, I've up at 8 every day- and for me that's early, especially being a teenager and blahh. I had history revision classes (yes, I know, it was on the weekend! We were advised to go...), and stressful dance exams. On top of all that, I managed to fit in a quick visit to piteresque Putney with my friend Chloe. I managed to dig myself the ultimate bargain for a vintage jumper at £2 from a charity shop- *SCORE*! 

On a more fashion orientated note, I have been obsessed with Japanese street style at the moment: the candy-floss colours, dainty dresses, and splendid socks; all together creating a very scrumptious aesthetic!  (Sadly, it can't all seem as scrumptious as normal, with the devastating earthquakes and Tsunami.) I've been carrying the buffalo bag around as if it's my own pet; it's been everywhere with me this weekend. Bringing on possible sarcastic comments such as 'nice bag'; oh well I think it's rather precious, and at the end of the day it's that famous pretentious word- Fashion. 

Finally for once, I get to wear my own clothes to school on Thursday! Rather than the poo smothering brown uniform, that makes us look like a forrest of trees. Though only on the condition, of wearing national colours; there's always a 'but'. 

Anyhow, I won't write anymore, especially whilst having writers block and producing a rather shameful piece. 

Have a great week! 

Riding in the Orange hood.

You've seen it in Burberry Prorsum AW11, Alexander Wang SS11, Prada AW11 to even here. Plastic is everywhere, the futuristic aesthetic adds that (ever so famous word that can make anyone sound a bit knowledgable) 'edge'. Plus makes you look a bit more updated than the normal pretentious hipster. So on that note, I purchased it. It being a luminous orange transparent tent, with extra protection for your head. A brilliantly amazing plastic cape from Topshop; I just couldn't resist. With elements of Jeremy Scott peeping through; I literally sprinted to the rack, and it was as if the luminosity was shining out like a God- send. I robotically (get the pun, with the whole futuristic theme ;)?) then matched the cape with a plastic bow I'd made and garments that matched in the same transparent way. Ooooooooo, also I think you can see Little Red Riding Hood remising in the outfit. Maybe due to the D&G SS11 having subconsciously draw me to style this outfit; and then with hints of the Black Swan (you know that sweet but not sweet vibe? Hence the plastic).

Burberry Prorsum Raincoat- the resemblance is crazzzyyyyyy!

Many thanks to all the emails, comments and new followers! I'll be replying to comments on Friday due to a busy schedule this week. Though keep up with the comments and emails, they literally do make my day!

When you meet a neon Genie.

It was that time of the month...well, to clean your bedroom/wardrobe. Once all my clothes had been gathered (well, the majority); I was flashed with candy colours that I never knew I owned- Marc Jacobs SS11, Meadham Kirchhoff SS11 and Philosophy AW11 whizzed round my head (take a look at the above moodboard). Today, was going to be 70's inspired. The little whirlwind eventually leading me to put on my Dance costume Genie pants (at least they'll be worn more than once).

 Finally it gave me a purpose to wear the most hideous sunglasses I own; with peace signs that dangle from the sides. They are beyond AMAZING. I feel like a psychedelic bug when I wear them... a psychedelic bug that can fly back to the 70's.  With 70's inspired colours going through my outfit, I was inspired by Comme de Garcons AW07, and decided it was the time to wear a necklace I made in the Summer: a chain with a spray painted doll's dress; complimenting the acid Barbie pinks and candy colours. 

(excuse my dodgy face,  the glasses have that effect on me. Yes, I know I look very stupid.)

The necklace I made
 What I wore:
Shirt- H &M
Top- from when I was like 7?
Necklace- Made by me
Skirt- Gift
Tights- Primark
Socks- Topshop
Shoes- Ebay
Glasses- Brick Lane

I sadly now have to fly back to homework of 2011. 

P.S Look forward to a giveaway coming up, my blog's going to be a year old soon! Thanks so so so so so much for all the comments and followers, you guys are fab! 

Granny Space Martians

Just noticed the cross; makes it a bit sinister- reminds me of film noir (teehee)

  "Great balls of fire. Don't bother me anymore, and don't call me sugar. "As cliché as the quote is, I couldn't resist but starting with a quote from an era of inspiration for these photos and outfit; the late 1930's and 40's. (However, I'm always mixing decades, so you can probably see a bit of 70's and 80's collaborated...) So when visiting your Grandma's, it seems like the perfect inspiration and location for photos. What's not to love about granny chic? The little visit has made me yearn to play on Granny futurism; pleated plastic skirts, metallic florals and tartan, and fur Loafers (maybe a later post). Anyhow, before I completely ramble on and space off into my little dreamworld of 

"Granny Space Martians"
I'll continue with the outfit description.

Now *in one of those soft Granny voices*, you can see the satin, almost kimono top is a bit out of place. Though when I think of Geishas, I always think clean cut outfits; totally complimenting the chicness of the 40's. Then the Flared trousers are a bit 1920's reminiscent, but with the shapes constructed in the whole outfit it creates the 40's vibe (I hope). Then it was time for some sparkle and dazzle. I could never wear an outfit with out a bit of vibrancy in colour. So out came the metallic polo neck shirt! Finally I then added a green necklace to match my green wedges, a camel satchel to match the trousers (and also I even carried the tonal vibe with a camel coat when outside- I was shocked at my willingness to keep to one colour scheme; it's unheard of for me).

Fashion can seem all a bit of a dressing up game to me. Well, it's a bit more than that. 

Opening Quote from Gone with the Wind. 

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