Blues and Reds

A key trend this SS10 is baby blue in any fabric, such as denim, which is a rather big craze at the moment. Especially mix and matching denim, is rather on trend and edgy, and can easily be adapted for street style; with some brogues, loafers or even Dr Marten's, and funky socks, and maybe a chiffon blouse on top could work, I'll try it and tell you the outcome. Though also a contrasting colour is great with the baby blues or indigo this season, bright red lipstick, getting bigger and bigger this season, in my opinion absolutely gorgeous, and gives any look a bit of sophistication!

Image of Marilynn Monroe, pulling off the look ;)

Acne SS10 Look
large product image
Chloe loafers

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Teen Vogue Award

A very good day today, I got the teen vogue 'Best dressed reader of the day' award, which came at a COMPLETE surprise. There are many well dressed readers, such as Olivia Wallwork, who previously won. You can see the Article Here. Sorry about the not so interesting post, but a very tiering day today.

Swamped in Flowers x 

Teen Vogue Image

Kurt Cobain Inspired

Well Kurt Cobain has been an icon for a long time, especially in Fashion. His grunge look has inspired many collections, and especially recently with the loafers, and can be grunged down from the preppy look. This includes Earnest Sewn, grunging down their preppy look. Their new AW10 RTW collection, is beautiful, and the photos are gorgeous! The knitwear is used in an elegant way, and would certainly look good with a pair of loafers or brogues, esspecially metallic!

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Grace Kelly Exhibition

(Sorry doing another Grace Kelly Post)

On Friday school was closed yet again due to the 'volcano'.... So my friend and I decided to do something constructive, and we decided to go to the Grace kelly Exhibition. The Exhibition was bit of a let down, as it was so cramped, though if you love beautifully put together garments, it's still amazing, her Garments were exquisite, they were elegant on their own, though Grace Kelly brought the elegance to life, with her class. Simple Garments were chosen with great tailoring and quality; Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent; I adore Balenciaga; high Fashion with a twist. And High Fashion became a part of her life once she Married to Prince of Monaco, haute Couture she often invested in....jealous much... The whole exhibition took round 40 minutes, showing that fashion can tell stories too. It is Clear She used clothes to express and show off herself, not to just show off the clothing; but with that this enhanced the clothing. There are very few in History that we call call elegant; and style is part of the ingredient.

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Well Spring has been here a long time, and well Summer is looking like it's nearly here too. It's at Summer where people tend to relax and chill down their style, to disgusting worn out sports shorts, polos and flip flops; just not giving a care in the World. Though by no means should you do that! So you may need a survival guide ;) (as magazines call it):

Jaeger London Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Jaeger London Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Jaeger London Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Jaeger london
  • Nudes and off whites; a soft relaxed colour, just like the Summer, for example in Jaeger London SS10 with the destination theme
  • Texture, a big part of AW10 and being introduced now; crinkled up chiffons, rough fibres,fishnet: distressed overall look
  • Wedges; rather funky and to update you look and give it an edge
  • Cycling shorts; a big trend of the 80's, and gives your look an edge
  • Maxi; the best rend in my opinion, the maxi bodycon skirts are gorgeous; and have a fluidity to them when you move
To give an Edge:
Add metallics, such as metallic shorts or metallic bodysuit, from American Apparel, and wear with netting, creased/crinkled chiffons, and draping, over the top to give a more summer and beach demeanour.

Style RSAC348

Style RSAC305

American Apparel 

Also I'd just like to say 'THANK YOU!' to all those who follow me, finally 40 :) So with that I gave a blog make-over, and I'd just like to see if you liked it? ( Also sorry if I don't comment on your blogs as much, as I follow a huge number of blogs).

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Brick lane

Well I've had a very spontaneous week due to our school's 'volcano days', so we've had the whole week off! In that time I've been to Westfield, Hyde Park; had Pedalo ride and at the time it seemed like the most fun and random thing to do! Though I also went to Brick lane; location of many vintage shops; such as the famous 'Beyond Retro' and 'Rokit, with my friends Amy and Fiona .

Amy and I on brick Lane ( excuse me looking bad on the left)!

While on our venture to Brick lane, we stopped at Spitafields Market, had a look round. Though turned our attention to Alternative Fashion Week, run by alternative Arts; which was being held there. 14 designers showcase each day from the 19th-23rd April, we came at a very bad time; break for lunch most likely; so at the end of a Menswear range. The last design was amazing with glittered horns, and a military jacket funked up with matching silver sequins, almost like some Electro God!

Just to see what Alternative Fashion week is like heres a pic of Alternative Fashion week 2009

What we saw; Menswear Collection, Alternative Fashion Week

Afterwards we travelled onto Beyond Retro, the land of wonder was just beyond us. As soon as I went in I smelt the worn clothing of the decades, the people of the decades. Swamped in Clothing around us, each of us attracted to different things, without noticing we separated.

I myself was attracted to the amazing floral jumpsuits and maxi dresses, sadly I'm too short for them, maybe one day I'll be able to fit into one (hopefully). I curved in out and out of the multi coloured and multi-seasoned rails, as usual the amazing vintage petticoats caught my eye, sadly I only had a measly £5; so I was just browsing. Next were the most interesting shoes, heeled gold brogues; a gold detailed toe cap, and the vamp transparent plastic, with a gold strap, absolutely gorgeous! I wondered round and round, putting my eye to items and examining different pieces of time; and lastly I turned to the Turbans which I was looking at the whole time as I walked to and Fro; so I tried the navy one on and only £6, it looked as I expected, though I preferred the Turban head-wraps, I'm thinking of getting one like this one form BABOOSHKA.
BABOOSHKA Black Faux Leather Turban Headband Head Wrap
The Turban I adore ;)

After we went to Rokit though nothing really impressed us that much after Beyond Retro. On the way home I saw the most amazing street style; hopefully next time I'll have the confidence to ask to take pictures of their magnificent style!


Swamped in Flowers <3

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Amy Jessica Farrell
Amy Jessica Farrell
All swamped in Flowers

0044 Paris AW10 Womenswear

0044 Paris founded over 10 years ago, and has maintained its chic and surrealistic appearance. Collections always sophisticated and quite minimalist, which can emphasise the surrealistic feel in the shops. The AW10 Womenswear collection is beautiful, with the use of silk and soft and graceful fabrics, to really show off femininity, though including a mixture of a few harder fabrics mixing up textures ( the key trend of AW10). Personally I feel the collection shows off the working woman, with grace yet a business demeanour, and oversized garments which are quite masculine though the fabrics release the feminine side; feminine side of work.

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Up with The Fairies

Fairy- 'A tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers.'

Magical Powers in Fashion.

Today my Friend Cora and I had a mini 'photo-shoot', just in my garden for Lookbook. Outfits all styled by us, and some were even homemade, hopefully we will enchant you like a 'fairy'. 



All images copyright of ALL SWAMPED IN FLOWERS.

Ohh I have a LookBook :)

Looking through lookbook for months was rather annoying without an account, but finally today the lovely Victoria invited me ;). So far i don't have too many looks, but here are the two, check them out here.


Laura Mackness Central Saint Martins' graduate, blew everyone away last year with her MA collection. Block colours of subtle tones clashing together, block prints of face features (mainly eyelashes in the collection), with layered fringing, oversized collars, a surrealist feel throughout.  Recently Mackness has teamed up with 'Weekday', a Swedish label. Mackness gives a funky bright neutral coloured look to the collections and a sense of lively youth; Mackness' signature eyelash designs are noticeable, which gives individuality. 

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Swatch Colour Codes Collection

The obsession with the 80's has been strong for the last two years, the colours, the fun; it was the 'Power' decade, and well everyone loves power. So why not grasp on the idea of the 80's, for it has become a 'funkination', and 'Swatch', has taken on the idea with their 'Colour Codes Collection'. With the launch of the 'Colour Codes Collection', magazine's have been doing editorials on the collection, and Swatch have given the public the chance to vote for their favourite editorial, and 100 people will be given one of the ever so funky watches who voted for winning editorial! Magazines included; Dazed and Confused, Nylon, I.D, Yoho,  1626, V, AnAnother, Wallpaper, and Pop. So Vote Here ;)

Dazed and Confused









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I Love Your Blog Award :)

Whoop! Whoop! 2nd Award ;), due to the very Kind Bree ( check her blog out it's amaze) thank you! 
The rules are:

1.) Thank the person who nominated me
2.) Copy the award and place it on my blog
3.) Link to the person who nominated me
4.) Nominate 15 bloggers
5.) Post links to the 15 blogs I nominate

It's always hard to decide on who to give it to, so with much difficulty here are the great blogoholic's  I picked, please check them out:

Well done :)

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