Soaked through

(By the way, my hair's partly wet- I don't have super tatty hair) Shirt- Asos, Jersey top- Asos, Skirt-Primark, Socks-Millets, Wedges-New Look, Bracelet- Warehouse, Sunglasses-Tiger, Hat-?, Earrings-Primark

I do feel very 1950's-eresque in this outfit. I feel like a cross between a Elizabeth Taylor and a pink ladies from Greece. The calf length skirt and blouse leaning more towards Elizabeth Taylor, and Cat eye glasses and Earrings more towards the Greece vibe. Now don't let your eyeballs pop out of your eyes due to the sight of  NEON PINK DIAMANTE STUDDED HOOP EARRINGS. Just to reassure you, I'm not turning into a Vicky Pollard or a chav. They were only a £1 from Primark (and well it's obvious why!), so I thought I would try and work with them. Considering all things kitsch are in, I accepted the challenge. With the juxtaposition of the midi skirt and hoop earrings, it seemed to take away the cheap and tasteless side of the earrings. Anyhow, another thing to gasp at is my beautiful wedges! I'm still in awe of them...and I think I will forever be! Plus take a look at Shae's drawing of me,  cant say enough thanks to Shae! I really do appreciate all the emails. Hoping to reply to comments tomorrow xo


Last 2 images from Tumblr

Exams are still droning on. I am literally a walking corpse. Exams mean most of my spare time is spent with my head in a book, rather than doing more fahion orinetated activities*sigh*. So maybe that's what led to these photos? Yes it's about all those cheesy, cringey and cliche attributes attached to teenage sterotypes (I like to call it the 3c's-this is what revision has resulted in, easy 'note form' ways to remember things). I always try to restrain myself from falling into the trap of teen angst, but I guess we are all living an aspect of a stereotype in someway. I certainly think I'm living the stereotype of the 3c's. So, as usual with all this in mind, I threw a bit of the 90's in. Thinking of Clueless, Nivarna, Jil Sander and Comme des Garcons. 


So here's the first of a so called 'update' post. Now, recently I discovered Volt Magazine. It is actually a breath of fresh air. It is so nice to see editorials which are clearly conceptual; but it's different to the legends like POP magazine or Super Super. It's more clean and slick; there's something more 'grown up' about it- it's not so kitsch (though don't get me wrong I'm all for being kitsch!) So if that's not enough, they even have videos on their website, from interviews (I urge you to look at the Gareth Pugh interview) with designers to conceptual work. So here's a little spread from June 2011. It's kind of obvious why I selected it; for those of you that have been reading my blog previously, you'll know I have a love affaire with plastic and 'raw' fabrics! It really does capture SS11.

P.S It all kind of reminds me of Courtney Love; what more could you want?

I picked up an orange daisy the other day

I'm so sorry that I haven't been replying to comments, but as usual there is the excuse of exams. Only one more week left, and hopefully blogging will be back to its normal pace. So for that reason I've decided to disable comments, so I can catch up with all your wonderful comments! As ever check out my tumblr for more recent updates.

So here are my new beauties. They remind of Hermes a bit? They were only £20 from New Look, so there was no way I could day no to buying them. 
Now this is just an 'update' post as such, I'm planning on doing more frequent 'update' posts within exams; so look forward to moodboards, purchases and upcoming designers' and artists' work. 

A desperate need

7KtzMd on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Shirt- Charity Shop, jeans and top-Primark, creepers-ebay 

I think my blog is in a desperate need of a post. As I am writing this, I'm sitting swamped in a mess of books, food, and ice cubes- my way of revising (I tend to eat ice cubes while I revise, otherwise I'll end up the size of the room by the time I'm finished). Recently, with all the revision, tumblr has been the easiest way to blog; and so of course have been inspired by all the photography and blah. So I decided to do a webcam post, which I'm quite nervous about posting. I was thinking pretty pinks, lace, bubblegum, Comme des Garcons, Japanese street style, lolitas; you get the gist. Plus I got some new glasses- YAY- except for the fact my eyesight is getting worst. I can only seem to think in a cynical manner with exams looming, well they're already here. I'll try post on Friday or Saturday. Plus if you want to keep updated follow my tumblr here. 

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