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As I have said in previous posts, I was doing filming over the summer Holidays for 'Fashion Wizards'.  Due to the this blog Started, the production company found my blog and asked me to fill in a form, do a intro video, and if all that went well, go to the audition. Surprisingly I got asked to come along to the audition! So I appeared at the audition day, nervous as hell! Early start, and well I'm not a morning person. Though as soon as I got there, I was shocked to see who was there, in the sea of young kids, was Union Olivia! It was so exciting to finally meet the amazing blogger, kept me entertained through the whole day of waiting. We were called out one by one to do little videos, many of the kids went to Stagcoach, and I had no experience of professional acting; which added to the nerves. Later another 14 yr old turned up, when I saw her I thought 'OH MY GOSH, the competition has got harder!', and she looked like a Glamizon, she was another blogger Izzy; who has an amazing blog (check it out ;)). What amazed me was I got through to the final four; I was 'Wowed' out of my mind; this lead to an o amount of opportunities, and at the end we all made a mini collection! Now that is all I shall spill now due to copyright reasons but it is being screened this Friday; from 3:55pm (assuming it shall be repeated); please tune in to see Izzy, Olivia and I. Pleaise don't be put off by Disney, it's not all cheese, I kept to an edgy inspired style ;).

It's all about Texture

Long time no blog! Sorry I have been occupied with GCSE, oh joy. Well anyway I will make sure I keep up with the blogging. As you know it was New York Fashion week, and now London Fashion week. Christopher Kane showed this week at London, with a fabulous mix match of textures, decades and designs. From 1950's like suits, mixed with neons and plastic aesthetics, keeping it fresh and contemporary for the summer, with flip flop liked heels, and bold prints. It was new but similar to many other SS collection from Christopher Kane. The SS collections at the moments have a  key element of a mix match of texture ,which I  LOOOOVEEEEE! The mix match of textures, complimented by mix matching with the garment style, plastic being key. Which reminds me I must get my photo shoot done for my collection! Plus; trying to get a new camera any suggestions???

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Lastly an outfit post ;):

And so Summer Begins

The SS11 shows have begun, it seems so odd as it now just feels like Autumn; though this is the way of the fashion Industry, 'Fashion Forward'.

One of the collections I have seen is Alexander Wang's. Absolutely breath taking. The painted white hair, matched to the garments, so fresh, reminded me so much of the 90's...Though what made it really to my liking as the mixture of fabrics; which is a key technique of mine, and mixing it with older styles. On top of this keeping it relaxed at the same time. The tones very much consisted of pastels and light tones, as summer does, of pastel greens, to yellows to whites; a beautiful mixture.

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I think i maybe a shoeoholic

Quick post! Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been so busy plus stressed but all will be revealed soon! Anyhow being  a sucker for vintage, I couldn't resist these beauties. First of all the amazing 70's midnight blue sequin heels, I feel like the Punky version of Dorothy in them, clicking the heels to the phycadelic home of the 70's ;). Last of all my gorgeous office school shoes; a mix between brogues and Loafers, with the to tone, it adds a whole edge to it. I've just got one word...
S H O E S!


You may have noticed I just did a post on creepers but i decded I had more to add,so new post about must buys! From Jeffrey Campbell to creepers.

Jeffrey Campbell has been slowwly moving up the secene; first being a huge hit in America, and being available from Nasty Gal (best vinatge shop ever!). Though now it's here on the highstreet, available in Office and Motel. Take a look at the beauties....(shoe craving)

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Talking about Motel, check out their new collection; it's amazing!

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Last of all the AMAZING CREPERS!

New trend! Creepers are the new Dr Marten, I'm thinking massive hit next year, and they are coming on the scene this AW. Vogue recently used them for a shoot, proving to be high fashion. Works perfectly with floaty dresses, and textures, the whole contrast really works, evident in Viktor and Rolf AW10. . Plus Izzy from StudMuffin (oh yes Izzy's unite, and sorry for miss spelling before!) where's them really where, I shall be doing some shoots with them soon, both for lookbook and my collection (MASSIVOO PHOTO SHOOT COMING UP WHOOP)! Also don't forget to check out Armand Basi, she has done a great AW10  collection with creeprs, I'm envious of her, a bit similar to mine, with the textures, seen with the first two pics!

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