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(Sorry doing another Grace Kelly Post)

On Friday school was closed yet again due to the 'volcano'.... So my friend and I decided to do something constructive, and we decided to go to the Grace kelly Exhibition. The Exhibition was bit of a let down, as it was so cramped, though if you love beautifully put together garments, it's still amazing, her Garments were exquisite, they were elegant on their own, though Grace Kelly brought the elegance to life, with her class. Simple Garments were chosen with great tailoring and quality; Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent; I adore Balenciaga; high Fashion with a twist. And High Fashion became a part of her life once she Married to Prince of Monaco, haute Couture she often invested in....jealous much... The whole exhibition took round 40 minutes, showing that fashion can tell stories too. It is Clear She used clothes to express and show off herself, not to just show off the clothing; but with that this enhanced the clothing. There are very few in History that we call call elegant; and style is part of the ingredient.

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  1. Love that picture. She looks beautiful and smart :)

  2. Thanks for comment & following ♥

  3. Yes she's amazing, had an amazing life!And Catwalk Criminal Your welcome! Awwwww I'm sure there will be another exhibition, though the one at the V&A is running till September :)

    Swamped in Flowers <3

  4. Thanks for the follow!

    I love Grace. Her name really says it all. I wish I could visit this exhibit!

    Great blog. I'm following you too now!


  5. Ahh thank you so much! Yes totallly shes amaze :D

    Swamped in flowers <3

  6. wonderful idea for a post. i love grace kelly! she made elegance look easy. but in the background of preparation it requires great organization and patience. I love how women like her would put together lists of an upcoming wardrobe for an upcoming season and just give it to the designer.

  7. Yes I agree, she had many aspirational features for woman.


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