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Transform me.

Just a Quick update; Check out Rad Hourani's SS11 collection consisting of 22 Different looks- all put together by cleverly styling only 3 Jackets, 1 top, 1 pair of leather trousers and a bag. Clever stuff. Sorry for the lack of 'more blogging', once again half term turns out to be more busy than I thought. Promise I'll do a post in the next day or so.

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Human Ambition.

Woah what a weekend, and bring on half term (finally). This weekend turned out better than expected, quite 'cutsey and cultral' but still fab! My friend Chloe came to stay, so as ever we went crazy, but this time we did loads... we went vintage shopping, went to a graveyard (bringing out our gothic side), went to Regents Park, went to the National Art Gallery (which was beautiful) and last of all recorded an X factor video (bringing out our cool side...). Plus I lost my raybans so that means new glasses, so I had to get NHS glasses....turned out to be alright, you can judge for yourself...Also Half term means more posting, YAY!

I think I just got hit by heat and snow.

Whilst doing my daily check on Dazed and Confused online, i came across the amazing Vanessa Bruno, who is a designer, but does installations to show off her work, and combining poetry, making fashion a true art form. This piece of work, really transports you somewhere else, with the combination of feminine fabrics, with the mystic nature outdoors. PLUS, check out this Article, written by Christina Paish, about Fashion Wizards.
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Quick Update

This is just a quick post, but yesterday I went to see Crystal Castles at the beautiful Roundhouse, with friends Amy and Fiona, boy was it loud, I have never been to anything so loud, beating the likes of Ac/Dc and Iron Maiden (yes I used to be some weird Rocker- elements still there). Alice Glass, the lead singer, would jump around the stage every second, great entertainment, and even went into the crowed, very unlikely these days. Anyhow the amount of people there with piercings, made me want to get a nose piercing even more, what do you think?

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Quick Inspiration

Just a quick non-comment post, took this pic of my porcelain doll for Art, and thought it was quite interesting, so take a look ;)
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Oh my Gawsh! Recently I have been obsessing over vintage cameras, and the one above is a defo one I'm saving up for £75 form amazon, £85 from Urban Outfitters, it's a vintage styled lomogrpahy camera! The three magazine spreads are from Super Super magazine and Love magazine, they are both fab. Super super focus' on weird and quirky things such as above; 'GaGa stole our style', and is more indie based. Where as Love magazine is what I'd call edgy with beautiful photography, and always has a message combined;  so beautiful it got me into photography more so than ever; hence now buying a range of cameras. Plus I want to change me name to JEZEBEL, even though its not associated with the best description, but it's beautiful!

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Super Super magazine
Super Super magazine
Love magazine

I like to live in the Past.

Kind of a bit late, but last week I featured in the Sunday times style magazine's best dressed! So I thought i'd do a little post, on a selection of newspaper articles,  where Fashion Wizards has been featured in, whom Izzy and Olivia have featured in too. Also I've dyed my hair plum colour, a bit patchy....but does the job ;), picture doesn't really show off the full colour, eventually better pics will be up. Plus now I'm going to start to reply to all the comments left, so please follow/ comment/hype!

Radio times

Galactic background image for first 2 images from 'Galactic center, Chandra x-ray observatory' -http://news.thomasnet.com/IMT/galactic_print2.jpg

Viktor and Rolf SS11

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearViktor & Rolf Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearViktor & Rolf Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Viktor and Rolf never fail to amaze me, again shown in SS11. The whole concept of the collection was based around the simple white shirt, keeping in mind cuffs, and collars seen through the collection. Though also the pin stripes seen in business wear, have been used and evolved to fringing, again keeping in the trend of texture, especially fringing, and adapting minimalism styles shapes, and keeping elements of white, plus adding a bold geometric print, looks like it's going to be a key trend for SS11.

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