Happy Blue dreams

New York. I don't have to even begin to tell you any more before images of twinkling night lights glimmer through your head. The lights seem to be the only (almost) still sight in New York, for as they say 'New York never sleeps'. It may sound all a bit of a cliche- but it honestly does feel like that (which sounds like even more of a cliche). Taking those characteristics of New York on, I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 7am in order to get most things done. So to conclude it all, I'll just quickly tell you in list form what I did (thought that would sound even more chaotic!)-arrived in New York via bus at 2pm, checked in at the Waldorf Astoria, ventured on a Downtown tour bus, went up the empire state, went to bed, woke up, took a ferry cruise, visited the fabulous and trendy Soho, visited Greenwich village, had an evening meal, took a night tour, went to bed and woke up again, went uptown through the upper East side (where Gossip Girl was filmed), visited the Googenheim museum, went to the Harry Potter exhibit, saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, went to bed and woke up again, visited Moma... and then took the bus home. Of course there was lots of shopping in between, helping my imagination picture being part of Sex and the City. One bit of advice I have to offer is if you go to New York in the summer, visit Bryant Park in the evening- there is such a comforting ambience floating about.

P.S. Currently blogging in Hurricane Irene! 


Clothing- Topshop, Forever 21, ASOS
Jewellery- KR Designs

The lovely Kristi emailed me with her jewellery company KR Designs. There are loads of little funky pieces that you can treasure, and still be chuffed with the price you got it at. There is a fabulous amount of necklaces to choose from, whether it be kitsch or more minimalist. Though knowing me, I've fallen in love with the designs featuring animal portraits. There is something quite sinister and fun about them, perfect for the 60's trends. Though also the emblem trend, you could go the full mile and use animal emblems creating a perfect AW11 themed outfit- think Topshop AW11 with the Dalmatian prints. Especially when Givenchy's AW11 is taking on the 'gimecky' theme with pinup girl emblems- it's perfelicious! 

Glitzy eyes

Long time no blog! Time flies by when you're on holiday- and you know you're on holiday when you forget what day it is-hence why I haven't updated in so long. I've been dipping my way into pools, lakes and the sea. I managed to do some quick retail therapy in Boston, and bought a few items in UO (photos to come later this week). Fashion has been a bit aloof for the past week, but fear not New York is to come. The most 'Artsy' outing that I've done in the past week has been visiting a craft fair. Now being honest, some craft works are absolutely pure tack-such as non intentional religious iconography. Though you do find a few quirky bits&bobs lying around-including Amy Winehouse decorative pieces (though I guess that could also be considered tacky). Plus this is a disabled comment post, as I'm hoping to post very soon again! 

scattered moon drops

Yet again I've got hooked on the Sims 3; meaning anti-social activity. However, for the last 2/3 weeks I've been non-stop on the go meeting friends. Resulting in me becoming ill. Yay (not). Anyhow tomorrow I'm going to America for 3 weeks! And yes, I still have not packed. I'll be seeing some relatives, and also venturing my way to the Big Apple for the first time. I-literally-cannot- wait. I'll be hitting the thrift shops and taking lots of pretty photos to share with you. Anyone know of any good places to visit? Talking of photos, I took these photos last week on a little shoot with my friends. I've got tons more, which I'll be posting to my flickr. As for now, hope you are all having a great holiday. Plus thank you to all the new followers, nearly at 700 (!!!!)! Izzy xo
P.S the quality is better on flickr! 

Golden tints


Shirt-Primark, dress-M&S, belt-primark, shoes-New look, t-shirt images via google and designed by me 

Before I go into details of the outfit, I'd just like to congratulate Floral Horizon on winning the giveaway! I'm hoping to do a big giveaway, when we hit the big 1000 (getting a bit ahead of myself there...)! Plus excuse the bad picture quality, my friend who took the photos didn't realise it was on manual focus! 

Summer as usual, has brought warm and glowing golden tinted feelings. Relaxing in the sun and being free of exams is the most blissful feeling I've had in a long time. So with that in mind, I think I've turned into a bit of a hippy. I'm in love with this chiffon tiered dress (worn as a skirt) that I recently acquired from the M&S kids sale- don't worry I'm not that sad, I was just walking through and I was literally drawn to it. However, I doubt that will last long after seeing the Topshop New Mod lookbook- I feel it epitomizes the style I idolise about continously. This is probably why, I didn't go for completely hippie dippy vibes, and I decided to lean towards religious iconography. With late nights and sun rising sleepovers, I've had the time with my friends to design our own t-shirts (all images on the t-shirt do not belong to me-images via Google). The t-shirt I made is a bit pretentious, dare I say so myself. The concept of the t-shirt is about religion being almost a brand, hence it being juxtaposed in Barbie iconography. So on that t-shirt note, I'd love to hear your opinion on if I decided to set up a mini shop to sell my t-shirt designs. You can leave a comment, or email me. So for now, hope you're all enjoying the sun! Izzy xo

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