Tinsel me up'

Performance fashion was well underway at London Fashion week; and we're not just talking about Meadham Kirchhoff but Stella McCartney too. Whether you were razzled and dazzled by the floating sequins at Burberry, or taken into the Meadham Kirchoff portal of psychedelia, or even invited to dine whilst seeing Alexa Chung balanced on knives on behalf of Stalla McCartney; London fashion week had something eccentric to offer for all. Now a drum roll for my top 3 collections (shame you can't do performance blogging)-you probably can sense a blaze of hypnotic luminous colours about to radiate through the computer screen, and you're not wrong.

  (Watch me!!) 
Meadham Kirchoff 
A funkadelic show of tinsel, glitter, florescence and pure fun. Meadham Kirchhoff never fail to keep dazzling prints matched by tailored perfection. This season we were transported into the ecstacy of the 70's, completely contrasting to the bleak cold English weather outside- thank god. If the clothes were not enough, a 'smiley' face would glimmer through the audience as of a result of the wonderful kitsch tune of The Rocky horror and Abba that was played. The reason why, it's the disco the disco Meadham and Kirchhoff wish existed. Next Christmas we could end up being the tinsel covered Christmas trees with designs like this hypnotising us- not a bad thing.
JW Anderson 
Straight-down skirts, oversized jumpers, and long skater skirts-androgyny still at its height. Perhaps the reason for this, was Anderson's theme 'Chambers of Isolation', about a housewife's confinement through domesticity. Therefore Anderson transformed the calamity of appliances into garments, representing the imprisonment of the isolation. Thus, ironically transformingn into an androgynous collection.
Mary Katrantzou 
Mary Katrantzou, the designer that has taken the fashion world by storm- you could say literally with reference to her trompe l'oeil prints.Katrantzou kept the stiff and structure cuts,but this time it was much more McQueen with using Victorian and Elizabethan shapes- such as corsets, bustled dresses and ruffles. The stereotypes of the shape contrasting to her lively prints. Mary Katrantzou will be collaborating with Longchamp, the possible designs entering my mind are beyond desirable.

All Images from Style. com and Vogue UK

Sprinkled criss-crosses


With AW12/13 collections gusting in and sweeping the blogosphere head over heels at the marvel of the designs; what better than to get a further insight into upcoming trends and designs? This weekend I was lucky enough to get tickets to the PURE London trade show. I'd been before and always found the WGSN talks worth while. As for the collections, a new brand always pops out to me- it's nice to see the brands out of their usual advertised context and persona, giving a chance to see the collections as you would wear them. However, some collections of course have such strong character, that you can't necessarily move away from the consumer; such as from the yummy mummy to the tangoed gall'. This year came with may surprises including guest performances, such as from the lovely Leddra Chapman. Considering it's half term, you can look forward to some trend forecasting posts and AW12/13 reviews! Plus Happy Valentines everyone, especially to all you lovely followers! xo

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