Well it may have seemed like the blog had died, but the fact is I have been awfully busy, and school starts tomorrow including GCSE'S, oh joy....! So just in my little segment of free time, I thought i had to do a blog post! The first thing that occurred to my head was ...VINTAGE, we all love vintage; it's unique, it can be cheap, it has a story and remember it's not what you wear it's how you wear it ;) (a bit cheesy...)!

Well for all you followers, I have found something quite special.... ' THE VINTAGE KILO SALE'! Including garments from the 1960's -1980's, accessories, both womenswear and menswear! The whole catch is that, every kilo of vintage garments and accessories you buy is only £15! Otherwise you can buy any other garments from the price of £5-£8, depending on what it is, and accessories from £5, and coats from £10! Nothing could sound better, and will do a massivoooo blog post when it comes up, as I will make sure I'll be attending to see how good it is.

It takes place on the 13th and 14th Of November, in the lo actions off Brick Lane, perfect vintage spot:
The Rag Factory
16 Heneage Street
E1 5LJ
(Just off Brick Lane, Whitechapel end)

For more info visit: The Vintage Kilo

P.S. I am so HAAAAAPPPY with all the late new followers, 110!!! YAAAY :D keep it up ;), 
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I have been so busy recently filming for a TV programme, can't say what it is for copyright reason, but it's to do with fashion, so that's the reason for lack of posting! Also I was in Topshop yesterday on Oxford Street, and we got evacuated! The alarms suddenly went off while I was in the toilet, and about a few thousand people flooded out. Plus I saw Diana Vickers!! Now due to busy schedule, I shall leave you with some beautiful exclusive AW10  collection images by Louis Vuitton. Beautiful, and emphasising 'more is less'.

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New blog Design...

Votes were pretty close, but well it turned out to be a 'Nay' to the new blog design, and well I in some ways agree, and trust me I've wanted a bigger layout. So I'm thinking of moving...wordpress, tmblr? I really need something that shows off the images, after all this is a fashion blog! But do not fret, I shall keep looking through their templates and see what I can do...;)

And here is some insane make up I did over the weekend, and also the song I'm addicted to ;) :

Special people; yes very special

My dear dear followers, now I know the blog layout has changed, and I can't change it back, as of Bloggers new template designer; SO ANNOYING! And the new designs aren't as spacious! Okay, sorry a bit of moaning there. Anyways please place your vote in the poll on the right for new blog design! 

Well I met up with my friend Cora; we had a rather coooool day, bought some funky fabrics. I shall do a post on that later, once i've made my design, which consists of vintage lace sleeves, and spandex...don't worry it's not as disastrous as it sounds ;). Here are a few pics of our day; while chilling ;):


Little Cora
A beautiful Sunset we enjoyed
I think I look weird

Insane zip-wire times

This is ma favvvvvveeeeee; so so so so so pretty of cora!
Sun for an eye? How cool would that be?!

Lookbook post ;)

Creative Inspiration

A pure imagery post, when looking for creative inspiration;  for a collection I'm doing. I find the best way to go is to look through images. In this case, and most cases I normally choose 'Dazed and Confused' magazine, though saving that for another post ;). So I google image searched ( a search based on dazed and confused;)); and what a miracle it is, the amount of homework done through that.... Will be back to normal posting soon, busy times ahead.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Okay, well I really should be tidying up now. It would seem like I'd be a neat person, but I am literally the messiest person on this planet. Once i had mouldy water, yep I know Lovely, though I have learnt from that, the only mess that is a threat is my 'floordrobe'.

Anyway here are my other designs, from AGGGEEESSSSS ago. I've done more in one, as these are my least favourite, and well sometimes feel like they put me to shame...

 A simple customised pair of jeans splattered with paint, referring to the artist Jackson Pollock. The other designs to come aren't so me, but I still like them ;). The jeans look fab with DM's, and I'm thinking of making a waistcoat out of Jean labels ;) ( have a few old Levi ones around :D) and studs I recently purchased.

Here you go :

2) Chiffon Floral dress, I did a post on it at the beginning of starting my blog, but it wasn't a clear enough picture. I love the drapes, I am absolutely in love with draping, which is why I played on my new mannequin with chiffon ( see below)...

3) Playing with the Mannequin...would look better maybe with an unusual funky top ( e.g cheerleader top), leather trousers, DM's, or wedges. Or completely contrasting as a shawl of some sort, with a fitted sweetheart dress, t- bar shoes, red lipstick, and head scarf; the glamizon look ;).

P.s thinking of redoing my blog design???



Garment 2

As said before last week, these next few posts or so, are full of my designs and creations. So her is garment 2.

At the moment i am absolutely obsessed with American Prep style, hence the purchase of a cheerleading Vintage vest...
So I decided to customise a preppy cardigan, but add chiffon and a collar, to give it an edge; and a bit more me with the mix of styles.
The Chiffon was used for sleeves, here is the pattern cutting process of adding the sleeves.

(Not exactly attractive)


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