Well Spring has been here a long time, and well Summer is looking like it's nearly here too. It's at Summer where people tend to relax and chill down their style, to disgusting worn out sports shorts, polos and flip flops; just not giving a care in the World. Though by no means should you do that! So you may need a survival guide ;) (as magazines call it):

Jaeger London Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Jaeger London Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Jaeger London Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Jaeger london
  • Nudes and off whites; a soft relaxed colour, just like the Summer, for example in Jaeger London SS10 with the destination theme
  • Texture, a big part of AW10 and being introduced now; crinkled up chiffons, rough fibres,fishnet: distressed overall look
  • Wedges; rather funky and to update you look and give it an edge
  • Cycling shorts; a big trend of the 80's, and gives your look an edge
  • Maxi; the best rend in my opinion, the maxi bodycon skirts are gorgeous; and have a fluidity to them when you move
To give an Edge:
Add metallics, such as metallic shorts or metallic bodysuit, from American Apparel, and wear with netting, creased/crinkled chiffons, and draping, over the top to give a more summer and beach demeanour.

Style RSAC348

Style RSAC305

American Apparel 

Also I'd just like to say 'THANK YOU!' to all those who follow me, finally 40 :) So with that I gave a blog make-over, and I'd just like to see if you liked it? ( Also sorry if I don't comment on your blogs as much, as I follow a huge number of blogs).

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5 Special Thoughts

  1. i like the body suit with elastic thigh huggage. my man would never speak to me if i wore that but hey i like it. reminds me of juicy couture body suit i bought in intimates. supposed to be jammies but i will wear it out to pick up my kiddos.

  2. yeeeesss. i love ALL of these choices. especially the flowy maxi skirt paired with a metallic bodysuit. in fact- i think i may just try it.

  3. coolies I'm planning to try it too, sadly not the maxi idea as I'm too short :(

  4. Oh those looks from the show are phenomenal. Such beautiful clothing.

  5. I agree the texture of the fabric is beautiful!


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