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Fashion Designer and illustrator; Connie Lim in on the rise. She did her own drawing of the Alexander McQueen A/W10 collections. Her drawings are absolutely beautiful, with amazing detail, yet with her own style. The drawings and designs, are dark and mysterious, quite gothic, and someways can depict the the Lolita style in some mannours. Though also her drawings have a sense of movement and seem to remind me of superheroes? Which almost goes with the theme of her playing card drawings, which she does in most images; combining them all together as one.  Maybe she's an Art superhero in the making.
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4 Special Thoughts

  1. great illustrations...i think i like them a lil extra much coz they're a bit edgy!


  2. I lov them tooo, I agree they are very edgy, love the ida of playing cards !

    swamped in flowers <3

  3. omg those are amazing!

  4. I love the idea, haven't seen anything like it, so I agree ;)


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