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Well I've had a very spontaneous week due to our school's 'volcano days', so we've had the whole week off! In that time I've been to Westfield, Hyde Park; had Pedalo ride and at the time it seemed like the most fun and random thing to do! Though I also went to Brick lane; location of many vintage shops; such as the famous 'Beyond Retro' and 'Rokit, with my friends Amy and Fiona .

Amy and I on brick Lane ( excuse me looking bad on the left)!

While on our venture to Brick lane, we stopped at Spitafields Market, had a look round. Though turned our attention to Alternative Fashion Week, run by alternative Arts; which was being held there. 14 designers showcase each day from the 19th-23rd April, we came at a very bad time; break for lunch most likely; so at the end of a Menswear range. The last design was amazing with glittered horns, and a military jacket funked up with matching silver sequins, almost like some Electro God!

Just to see what Alternative Fashion week is like heres a pic of Alternative Fashion week 2009

What we saw; Menswear Collection, Alternative Fashion Week

Afterwards we travelled onto Beyond Retro, the land of wonder was just beyond us. As soon as I went in I smelt the worn clothing of the decades, the people of the decades. Swamped in Clothing around us, each of us attracted to different things, without noticing we separated.

I myself was attracted to the amazing floral jumpsuits and maxi dresses, sadly I'm too short for them, maybe one day I'll be able to fit into one (hopefully). I curved in out and out of the multi coloured and multi-seasoned rails, as usual the amazing vintage petticoats caught my eye, sadly I only had a measly £5; so I was just browsing. Next were the most interesting shoes, heeled gold brogues; a gold detailed toe cap, and the vamp transparent plastic, with a gold strap, absolutely gorgeous! I wondered round and round, putting my eye to items and examining different pieces of time; and lastly I turned to the Turbans which I was looking at the whole time as I walked to and Fro; so I tried the navy one on and only £6, it looked as I expected, though I preferred the Turban head-wraps, I'm thinking of getting one like this one form BABOOSHKA.
BABOOSHKA Black Faux Leather Turban Headband Head Wrap
The Turban I adore ;)

After we went to Rokit though nothing really impressed us that much after Beyond Retro. On the way home I saw the most amazing street style; hopefully next time I'll have the confidence to ask to take pictures of their magnificent style!


Swamped in Flowers <3

Images from
Amy Jessica Farrell
Amy Jessica Farrell
All swamped in Flowers

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4 Special Thoughts

  1. Yesss, join the turban club ;)
    I love Beyond Retro and Rokit - I did like a load of stuff in Rokit last time I went, but all in the wrong sizes :(
    Oooh, I have just noticed I am in your blog list! Thank you :D

  2. hehehehe your welcome ;), yes they are rather very big some of them! Lol I really need to get a Turban!

    Swamped in Flowers <3

  3. omg brick lane! i've only been there once but it was such a bad experience; the long walk from whitechapel station to the row of vintage shops, getting lost and nearly getting shat by pigeons under this really scary tunnel :/

    i reallllly love rokit though! although all the things i wanted were too expensive! beyond retro there is so big as well cos i'm so used to the oxford st one!

  4. looool, oh my gosh that sucks!!! Brick Lane is quite scraey, seems a tad dogey.... You should so go back again though! Rokit in covent Garden is amaze though!


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