Blues and Reds


A key trend this SS10 is baby blue in any fabric, such as denim, which is a rather big craze at the moment. Especially mix and matching denim, is rather on trend and edgy, and can easily be adapted for street style; with some brogues, loafers or even Dr Marten's, and funky socks, and maybe a chiffon blouse on top could work, I'll try it and tell you the outcome. Though also a contrasting colour is great with the baby blues or indigo this season, bright red lipstick, getting bigger and bigger this season, in my opinion absolutely gorgeous, and gives any look a bit of sophistication!

Image of Marilynn Monroe, pulling off the look ;)

Acne SS10 Look
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Chloe loafers

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6 Special Thoughts

  1. Love thos acne jeans. that model looks cloeless, Love it :)

  2. i have almost the same pair of shoes as the model on the right. mine dont lace up. Love the blog! very cool! Thanks 4 following me. it means a lot!

    they're beautiful.
    i love that acne collection too!
    congrats on teen vogue.. i LOVED that outfit.. very few people have guts to wear harem pants.. you pull them off well!
    ++following you :)


  4. you are right on target! i love the pic of maryln. the turquoise washed denim with that red lip stick is truly too good for words.

  5. Yay, well done for teen vogue Izz and im loving Acne's SS ;) Loveyou :) <3

  6. Love all the shoes,
    Nice blog (:


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