bleeding metallics




top- Vintage, hair clips and earrings- primark, shorts-Topshop, shoes- Office, Jacket- Adidas, necklace and socks-? 

We all like a bargain, and some of us will go extra lengths to search for that feel good item. This meant a 1 hour and a half journey in stiletto court shoes- and for all those into gory details, my heels are still bleeding and shoes are currently blood stained. This resulted in a much needed but desired buy- jelly shoes! They were only £24 from Office, and one in such a condition could not resist.

After the agony was treated by the notorious medication of retail therapy, my friend Amy and I trekked to the Vintage Kilo sale; which was held in the also notorious 'up and coming' Hackney. A kilo of any selection of garments costing only £15. I bought £10's worth and outfit posts are to come. The bargain hunts are to continue with a car boot sale tomorrow- it's a treasure chest for us vintage lovers, whether it be kitsch or not!

So you won't have to hunt for posts anymore with lots of fashion orientated events coming up (and finally being FREE of exams).

P.S I got my nose pierced as a celebratory end of exam gift to myself!

Off to the races



sunglasses-Primark,skirt-Primark, top-topshop, shoes-new look.

The 50's have always been such an iconic and fashionable decade- and especially in the summer. Think of all the lovely swimsuits, quaffed hair and cat eye sunglasses. It's one of those decades where one can feel classy, yet a little bit fun and flirty. Just think of the likes of Anne Baxter to the notorious Marilyn Monroe. For summer I always tend to dress how I feel with reference to pop- culture, rather than trend by trend- though taking into account of the colour palette and fabrics of the season.

You may have noticed the bindi. I've been wearing bindis over the past month, however one thing that I am constantly puzzled by is some people's ignorance to them and fashion. I do understand that some do view them as religious. Though, when Gwen Stefani and the Chanel pre-fall 2012 collection featured them, no one made a loud compliance. Fashion constantly uses religious iconography, sometimes it may just be aesthetically pleasing, though some do dress with symbolism. It may sound pretentious, but after all that's what Chanel did. The collection was meant to highlight the divide between the rich west and the poorer   manufacturing side to our rich indulgences; this being in India. So in a way fashion does use symbolism in dressing, just like religion. 


 Dres-UniQlo, Shoes-Asos, jumper- Topshop, Necklace- gift, flower- found lying round the house

Wearing neon is always the most fun. I feel like a mix between Carrie Bradshaw and Gwen Stefani- it's fabulous, even though it can drive some people a bit 'bananas'. SS12 is full of sporty aesthetics, so I decided to run into it. However, this was a school look- so it's a bit more boring than usual, hence the editing (normally at school, we wear a brown mud/diarrhea coloured uniform). Plus note the clear pink clutch, it's actually my exam pencil case (hence the highlights and my cute USB stick, etc)- it's quite chic, oui? God knows how I'll cope next year being able to wear my own clothes- I literally cannot wait. Plus it means more outfit posts! (yaaaaaaay!). Anyhow, I could help but add the flower- a bit of 60's and 70's flower power can never go wrong. Especially, in the months of revision when a bit of relaxation is needed-I have had the Zombies on non-stop over the last week. I'm feeling perhaps Wednesday Adams, and a mix of bohemian grunge tomorrow? Oh well, you'll see soon enough. Izzy xo


Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. Absolutely Awful. So what have I actually been doing? I've been spending the last few weeks of freedom going out with friends, a bit of shopping here and there, and so much more, to the extent my camera has become detached from me. 

However, now it's an exam pack 2 months. The dreaded GCSE's. Currently on study leave day 3, and have had 2 exams already. Weekly exams till June the 20th and counting, the joys of being an English teenager. So with that on mind, it could mean more blogging due to procrastination, or more apologies- let's hope it's the first.

Anyhow, the photos are above are how I've spent the last few weeks-dressing up as a Greek goddess, buying lots of pretty hair accessories (In theme with the tropical trend) and buying more slogan orientated accessories. Plus due to the late blog post, I've reopened the giveaway- till June the 1st. Hopefully that will brighten up your English rained on spirits.

Izzy xo

Cutey Giveaway

Giveaway with Cutey

Charm bracelets have always been a timeless item, and can accessorise any look in any way- whether you want to be girly and chic making it the statement, or make it one of many items of jewellery being worn to create a grungy aesthetic.On that note statement jewellery, and lots of it, is a big trend currently and for AW12/13; seen in the likes of Chanel's pre-fall collection. So what you waiting for? A chance to win a beautiful  Cutey (good quality) charm bracelet to add to your jewellery ensembles. Plus you readers are even luckier, there are 3 bracelets being given away, so 3 winners!

So to enter, all you have to do is:
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3) Follow via bloglovin
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The competition closes on the 1st June and good luck!


I've been pondering about getting a scaffolding piercing for many years (and a nose piercing, sadly due to parents that has to wait), so yesterday I finally plunged into the bolt (get the pun?). As you can see it looks rather sore, I was like Rudolph the red ear reindeer a few hours before the photo was taken.  Other from that, I've been very busy catching up on last minute revision and work for school. In the mist of procrastination, I came across this lovely video by Walter Pfeiffer and Robbie Spencer’s  for the May issue shoot. It shows the vibrancy and style of many of the flamboyants around in east London, if you want to read more about the protagonists of the video click here.

blooming black

copy P1140433 copy P1140441 P1140438 P1140424 copy

Shirt-Zara, Dress- All Saints( bought from TKMAX for just £17, originally £145!!)-Trousers-Topshop (bought for a £1 at a crboot sale), brogues-Clarkes, socks-Asos, bag-?, denim jacket-Mum's A bit of Gothic fun. I've always been one for goths, coming from a family where both parents were part of the original goth clans of the 80's. SO let's just say there's always a bit of Susie Sioux and Wednesday Adams prancing around my mind. I finally managed to purchase some dark purple lipstick which guided the rest of the outfit, I went for a mish-mash of textures, which was montaged through the AW13 catwalks. Can you believe it, I've actually posted with less than a few days in between, let alone a week?! Hope you all had a fab Easter! Izzy xo P.S did a little gothic edit (couldn't resist!) black and white edit

Snowing florescents


Hat- Ski shop ?, earring-Topshop, Headband-Accesorize, parker-TKMAX, dress-Topshop, shirt-Charity shop, necklace-market, treggings-H&M, boots-Sports Direct (hahaha)

Over the last week I've battled the juxtaposition of the heat and snow of Austria. Plus a 16 hour coach journey- I think that one explains itself. Besides all of that the skiing was amazing, as were the mountainous views- it was as if my tumblr dashboard had come to life. So with the guilt of lack of blog posting, I changed into a bloggable outfit. A bit too hipster? I tried to contrast the stereotypical and iconic hipster accessories; i.e a Nike item and bobble hat with a pretty delicate dress, shirt and accessories, along with walking boots. SS12 was snowing down through my mind after countless reading of magazines on the coach, so a bit of Mary Katrantzou, Jeremy Scott and Diane Von Furstenberg. Anyhow look forward to a blizzard of style and skiing snaps over the next few days.

Wingin' through

It's been such a busy month- with work and lots of birthdays!. I am absolutely obsessed with these earrings and all things slogan orientated, which originated through the London Olympic hype! Though must admit, not so hyped for the business, it will be beyond heaving- I'll literally be having to race through the crowds. So Olympic inspired outfits are perhaps the way of displaying my support. Clashing prints is a trend that I just cannot help but embrace, and tropical here I come- and a bit of Versace inspired prints. Anyhow, I've taken lots of street style snaps- but have misplaced the memory card*!!!!* So look forward to that.Izzy xo

Ethearal Disco


Suit-River Island, tops, skirt, shorts-topshop, shoes-ASOS, earrings-ASOS, socks-topshop
Ali Macgraw,  Grace Slick and Edie Sedgewick

Finalement, french coursework is over. That means I've had the chance to revamp the blog. However, since Goggle Friend Connect has changed a bit it has proved to be rather difficult. Not only that, there's a limit on the number of pictures us bloggers can upload-what?! So looks like flickr will be my new uploading tooool. I think it's still fine to follow via Google Connect, but if that proves difficult you're more than welcome to follow via bloglovin-you know you want to (I hope).

As for la mode (still in the flow of French), my love for pastels has grown ever so more. With summer on the way, the 70's has discoed in too, with Ali Macgraw, Grace Slick and Edie Sedgewick. Bringing along some paisley prints.  However, you can't go wrong with some 90's elements, perhaps a bit of grunge-but gawd I watch too much Sex and the City. The trend works for anyone, whether you're a Vera Wang, Chanel or Acne girl. So, I decided to do a montage of some much essential Spring/Summer items. Yum.

Tinsel me up'

Performance fashion was well underway at London Fashion week; and we're not just talking about Meadham Kirchhoff but Stella McCartney too. Whether you were razzled and dazzled by the floating sequins at Burberry, or taken into the Meadham Kirchoff portal of psychedelia, or even invited to dine whilst seeing Alexa Chung balanced on knives on behalf of Stalla McCartney; London fashion week had something eccentric to offer for all. Now a drum roll for my top 3 collections (shame you can't do performance blogging)-you probably can sense a blaze of hypnotic luminous colours about to radiate through the computer screen, and you're not wrong.

  (Watch me!!) 
Meadham Kirchoff 
A funkadelic show of tinsel, glitter, florescence and pure fun. Meadham Kirchhoff never fail to keep dazzling prints matched by tailored perfection. This season we were transported into the ecstacy of the 70's, completely contrasting to the bleak cold English weather outside- thank god. If the clothes were not enough, a 'smiley' face would glimmer through the audience as of a result of the wonderful kitsch tune of The Rocky horror and Abba that was played. The reason why, it's the disco the disco Meadham and Kirchhoff wish existed. Next Christmas we could end up being the tinsel covered Christmas trees with designs like this hypnotising us- not a bad thing.
JW Anderson 
Straight-down skirts, oversized jumpers, and long skater skirts-androgyny still at its height. Perhaps the reason for this, was Anderson's theme 'Chambers of Isolation', about a housewife's confinement through domesticity. Therefore Anderson transformed the calamity of appliances into garments, representing the imprisonment of the isolation. Thus, ironically transformingn into an androgynous collection.
Mary Katrantzou 
Mary Katrantzou, the designer that has taken the fashion world by storm- you could say literally with reference to her trompe l'oeil prints.Katrantzou kept the stiff and structure cuts,but this time it was much more McQueen with using Victorian and Elizabethan shapes- such as corsets, bustled dresses and ruffles. The stereotypes of the shape contrasting to her lively prints. Mary Katrantzou will be collaborating with Longchamp, the possible designs entering my mind are beyond desirable.

All Images from Style. com and Vogue UK

Sprinkled criss-crosses


With AW12/13 collections gusting in and sweeping the blogosphere head over heels at the marvel of the designs; what better than to get a further insight into upcoming trends and designs? This weekend I was lucky enough to get tickets to the PURE London trade show. I'd been before and always found the WGSN talks worth while. As for the collections, a new brand always pops out to me- it's nice to see the brands out of their usual advertised context and persona, giving a chance to see the collections as you would wear them. However, some collections of course have such strong character, that you can't necessarily move away from the consumer; such as from the yummy mummy to the tangoed gall'. This year came with may surprises including guest performances, such as from the lovely Leddra Chapman. Considering it's half term, you can look forward to some trend forecasting posts and AW12/13 reviews! Plus Happy Valentines everyone, especially to all you lovely followers! xo

covered up

 Image 1- from trend hunter, Image 2-Architechtural Digest, Images 3-6-taken by me

I've got my last winter exams coming up this week, and you know what that means- regular blogging. In the mean time I've been busy applying to schools and practicing photography. So here are a few snaps. You may have noticed I've decided to layer on the jewellery, I have been truly inspired by the likes of Chanel's pre-fall 2012 and Iris Apfel- look forward to a post in homage to the wonderful trend setters.

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