Here is the awaited blogpost ;). On Friday I went to the clothes show, and my mum had been before and as soon as I booked them she told me it was well a bit....'chavy and cheap'. Well I was still going to give it a try.

As soon as I entered all I saw was Paul's boutique ; and those famous quilted chain bags. Though don't get me wrong I agree anything can be stylish if put together right; including those mentioned above, though it is a trend to wear it in that bling-gold-nikeID's style. Not exactly the best first impression and was matching up to my Mum's comments. The People who walked round all looked like clones; florals, pearls, heels, straightened hair, lace; true fashion Victims. There were mini boutiques set up all around including Spot advice, hair products, teeth whitening, Paul' sBoutique, over priced Vintage boutique and much more like this. Though we did find a few nice boutique set ups; such as the famous Religion, and I bought an oversized chiffon shirt (shown below for  a look of the weekend), and some stylish makeup ;). It was truly a commercial show; not for fashion or Arts sake, but literally clothes sake.

The show itself was a bit of a let down. We went to the Style Awards; so it included best dressed, best photographer, best hairstylist. Paloma Faith won best dressed for women...YAY! She wore this almost Alexander McQueen look alike dress, an oversized bow, and matching purple glittered heels. The wanted performed, Paloma Faith, and Esmee Denters. Then there was the fashion show, to be honest it was all a mix up. Before every different collection there was dance to relate to the theme; mainly hip- pop, one dance was about moulin rouge, a bit provocative. The dance took away attention from the garments, and well all the garments had been done before in some other place or way. It was purely a commercial event; topped up with being sponsored by 'OK'. A bit of a let down, though still fun to experience, and enjoyed the retail therapy ;).
_76O7513_low res.jpg
Paloma Faith's outfit

_76O6703_low res.jpg

_76O6218_low res.jpg
My Favourite Collection-TOKOYO

Images form

How time flies by...

Okay, yet again I have to apologise, time flies by without realising; and was just about to start blogging now, then I realised the time..with an early start and still more work to do! So please bare with me...but here's an outfit I wore on the weekend, sorry for the poor qualirty of image, and me looking rather hideous:

Images copy right of All Swamped In Flowers 


Apologies I haven't been able to do my blog post as said, my schedule has been even busier than thought; and the post coming up there's quite a bit of detail; it should be up tomorrow ( I hope; if no more coursework)! So here's a beautiful Image for  a Harper's Bazaar shoot:

“Princess of Persia”

Harpers Bazaar Arabia 1

Image from

Update ( Final copy :P)

Well somehow my Lookbook post got deleted, for whatever reason I do not know...So I shall post a new harem pant look again, and have added a new one on June the 20th;  abit hypocritical of me but it's a floral one, as I do think the floral trend is a bit boring, and as said before I do feel that Lookbook tends to be more focused on just lace and floral not the unique creative outfits, just real fashion victims, so if you could please hype, and as before if you would like a Lookbook account just comment and say so with your email address. Well yesterday I booked some tickets for the clothes show! YAAAYYYYY! I just hope its not too commercialised, but it's always good to see Fashion from both respects, Art and commercial. I shall be going this coming Friday, as we have an inset day ;), so I'll blog about that when it comes. Also my mum was also kind enough to purchase the clothes I needed to create an outfit for this part coming up; all from Topshop,which is a bit bad of me... so I'll show you what I wore when it comes. Also my eyesight has been getting worse and have had glasses last year just to see the board etc, so last year I bought Trussardi glasses, I really would have liked Wayfarers, but the place is so stiff they didn't have any. Though this year they did! I got RayBan Wayfarers, and hopefully me eyesight will get better as I'll be wearing them :D! So here they are and my Topshop Purchases:

Topshop Purchases:

Beaded Oversized Shrug

Striped tights, and along with my DM's and hot-pants.

RayBan Glasses ( though mine are brown with a tortoise shell design):

Here is the lookbook post:


Images from TOPSHOP
Raybans from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_24xo6QHFGEI/SrNNq2DgjyI/AAAAAAAAAgk/qBUy9e2B5ug/s400/2140-ray-ban-wayfarer.jp

Graduate season

Graduate shows have been on board for the last month or so, showing casing talent of the future, 1 in those 10,000 could be the next Alexander McQueen.The RCA (Royal College Of Art) ,is known for its magnificent designers it brings out into the fashion industry from all over the World's, including Katie Eary. It is very much always in competition with Central St Matin's, and both have high standards. The RCA, put on their annual show, and shoed off the best of the students talents, here are some pics, picked out by 'Dazed And Confused', and really shows off their high standards, the photos have a real 80's feel:

Images from

Graduate Fashion Week

(Sorry for the late post been awfully tired) Being lucky enough to get free tickets to graduate fashion week, I got the chance to attend to Northumbria and Ravensbourne! Graduate Fashion Week (GFW), is a showcase for BA students, to show off their fabulous work, and there is a Gala at the end for winners, including the Gold Award, Best Womenswear, Best Menswear, Zandra Rhodes Textile award, and more ( which will be announced tonight).

Northumbria's Fashion show was this Sunday, on the 6th June; opening of Graduate Fashion Week. Northumbria had a great accompaniment of music to accompany the wonderful garments ( including the amazing Florence). Northumbria ha everything from 'Paris chic', 'Phycadelic Robots' to 'Punk'. The garments were edgy, and fun, and an enjoyable show with 25 students showing. Opening the show was Niomi New, who is shortlisted for the Gold Award; futuristic punk, with studded embellishment, and massive shoulder pads shaped like studs, fringe added an edge; though I have seen this type of style done before, but never the less it was strong and bold, and beautifully made. Faye Chamberlain produced a beautiful collection of jumpsuits, with futuristic phycadelic prints, a mix of Mathew Williamson and Alexander McQueen in some aspects. Personally I absolutely was intrigued by Gemma Williamson's collection, magnificent, a complete surprise to the show. A biblical theme, with strong music, an enjoyable collection, symbolism, bold and Gothic, and with colourful textiles, very creative. Though those into the cutsey vintage look would have liked Hannah Casen-Seawright, chic and cute, very much like the 1940's with some beautiful tailoring.
Niomi New
Faye Chamberlain
Gemma Williamson
Hannah Casen-Seawright

On the 7th June, I went to Ravesbourne Graduates' show, I have been to a few before and preferred the other years, but this show had a few who stood out to me. Though before that Ravensbourne had a guest who attended their show, the iconic Vivienne Westwood, who as ever looked rather edgy, with her bright ginger hair and pretty cute face (it was AMAZING!). Including a mixture of beautiful tailoring (such as Carly Brown's collection), to bright coloured and metallic, to architecture fashion. Menswear as ever was very strong for Ravensbourne including Bobby Abley, menswear, a funky cartoon twist, with bold colours, and animal theme crossed between bondage accessorised round the face. Then Thomas Crisp fro menswear who was shortlisted for the Gold award, tailoring with segmented metallic, which stood it out from the crowed, beautiful menswear. In womenswear two strong collections for me were Amy Addison and Camilla Frydenberg. Amy Addison was bright and bold, based on 'Cockney rhyming slang', included brightly coloured boxing gloves, with a variant in the style of each garment, and amazing bold patent boots! Camilla Frydenberg was completely opposite, classy and sophisticated, a black collection, with beautiful tailoring, emphasised by the silk fabrics, and the pleating was amazing, used to symbolise angel wings, the backs of the garments were amazing, shame there aren't many pictures of that!
Bobby Abley
Thomas Crisp
Amy Addison
Camilla Frydenberg
Carly Brown

Both shows had a trend of using fake hair in some of the other garments, which was interesting. 

Images courtesy of CATWALKING

London College of Fashion, BA show

The first Online screening of an LCF Fashion Show happened today at seven o'clock. I myself am undecided about the online screening of Fashion Shows, you don't get to see the real textures and how it properly moves and flows, though then it's giving a better promotion the students in this case and college. 

The Show was bright, bold, and beautiful, at the moment there is no online running order, which should be available for update here tomorrow.

Two designers who stood out to me were Jess Sayers and Ryo Himuro, both completely contrasting to each other.

Jess Sayers amazing embellishment of different sequins, building up a glam textured look. Fabrics used to her advantage, chiffons and silks used, swishing creating an emphasis on the sequins, which created sophistication with the midnight colours used. Beautiful.

Where as Ryo Himuro’s collection was completely opposite; playful, fun and bright. Candy pinks, and florescent contrasting colours used, though toned down with the nude colour palette, to add an edge to it. Including great pattern cutting, and many soft shapes, used to emphasise the embellishment, for example puffballs and a stuffed fabric heart. Fun and sophisticated (evident through the brogues).

Ryo Himuro, LCF 2010 from Ryo Himuro on Vimeo.
Images fromhttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/jesssayershttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/jesssayershttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/jesssayershttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/jesssayershttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/jesssayershttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/ryohimurohttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/ryohimurohttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/ryohimurohttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/ryohimurohttp://www.arts.ac.uk/showtime/ryohimuro

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