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I'm away currently on a 3 week long tropical exploration- from Dubai to Malaysia to Thailand. The sunshine having radiated into my (of course) strong sensibility, has meant I feel as if I'm living The Beach or perhaps any other flower power lifestyle. Indeed, the 70's have been calling me, as has Call GirlMickael Marcimain’s new 2013 70's drama, however it is not all flowers, peace and love. It is tense, gritty and based on a true story over Sweden's underage prostitution scandal. Perhaps, its a reflection of the hazed over romance of today, with still a strong class divide in Sweden. Less literally, everything is getting a bit grittier at this time of the year with summer coming to an end and the AW13 Punk trends coming through. However, the filmography has the delights and awe of a 70's disco.  (I'll be home on Sunday so expect lots of also pretty tropical updates- if you want to see up to date commentry check out my Instagram). 

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