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Shoes- Vintage, Trousers- H&M, Shirt- by me, Dress-Asos

First of all VERY sorry for the bad qaulity o fthe photos- my camera decided to die on me. SS12 shows are well under way, and it has started a well deserved chain reaction through the blogosphere- including here. Meadham Kirchhoff  SS12 was more of a theatrical performance than a fashion show, and I loved it. The balloons, Courtney Love look- a- likes, and of course the candy colours (all have caused a  Meadham Kirchhoff chain reaction here). Candy colours were a massive source of inspiration; canary yellows, pretty pinks and lickerish stripes. I decided to the edit the photos with girly and pastel coloured aspects, such as flowers with reference to the yummy colours.

I'm feeling a homage to Meadham Kirchoff coming up.


Just a little inspiration post and update. Whilst in new york I came across the fabulous magazine: SOUP. Full of conceptional photography. So here are a few of my fave pieces. The last photo is just a quick photo of my friend and I on the weekend. I have been so busy being out and about, and working on top of it all- that I've had no time to blog! Don't worry it's going to change- SS12 reviews coming up, and many outfit posts. Any thoughts just email me, Izzy xo


Many Brands always say that there's something you, and there really is something for you and everybody in the Alexander Wang SS12 Collection. I have been waiting impatiently for the SS12 shows for a good month now, and Alexander Wang as usual has been worth the wait. The show started with mesh, and bondage like pockets- and then progressed through techno flower prints to geometric prints to tribal like prints. Now you may be thinking it was a bit of a schizophrenic show, but there was logic and inspiration- Bikers (NASCAR, BMX, motocross). Each ride of progression represented different 'gang's, and in actual fact the tribal prints were maps of the stadium- clever stuff Mr Wang. The highlight tfor me was the bandannas...bandannas are back! The 90's has been a trend for a good half of the year, but the daring bandanna has been left out ( so seriously get your 90's claire's accessories bandannas out!) Plus I'm proud to say while writing this, I'm wearing a mesh like shirt! Blogging should be back to a normal pace now, as term has started. The comments will be disabled on this post, as i've got lots and lots of replying to do- but ooh out for a new post in the next few days! 

Remaining Scales

 Hat, skirt, Jumper- Forever 21 (I had a little shopping spree there to say the least!), shrug-Topshop, Socks-ASOS, Shoes- Thrift store

Apart from being absolutely shattered from holiday, I have the daunting reality of school looming round the corner- and of course I've left all my summer work till the weekend before. On a more fashion related note, I have somehow become warmly attached to deep and rich browns-making no sense, considering my uniform is as brown as a tree trunk (and number twos). Brown being a key AW11 colour makes wearing my school uniform a bit more bearable, so maybe I shall think of this outfit as a warm up for school? Or maybe I wore it to compliment the surrounding, considering it is all deep reds and browns? The brown leathers are the key pieces to fall in love with- whether it be shorts, some Phillip Lim styled trousers, or a satchel. Talking of leathers, check out my shoes... I got them for $5 at a thrift store in America- they are my new little babies. Brown has been a big favourite, appearing in Prada, Acne, Miu Miu and so on. If brown's too bland, go for orange to match with jazzy emerald shades. Even though it just feels as if Autumn is looming; SS12 collections appear this upcoming Friday with New York Fashion week! Which collection you looking forward to? Would love to hear you opinions, comment and let me know.

Izzy xo

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