Well today I met up with a group of my friends in wonderful Richmond :), including Fiona and Chloe. Lately its been stress, stress, and more stress with exams, and there has been no time to go out, and seems evident this is going to ahppen again, as soon as exams are over we start GCSE's, (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!), so lots of coursework to do. So ee took a few photos and thought I'd share them with you.
I'd say I hav an addiction to starbucks....

Th top reminds me so much of Alexander McQueen SS10 collection, though toned down of course ;)
Feat normally freak me out, but these feet seem to be ok, Loving the coral nail colour very in this season.

A bit of a random post.

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Interview with Roz from 'Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee'

I interviewed the wonderful Roz ( Only 14!) from Clothes, Cameras, and Coffe, she's just as amazing as her blog! Her Blog includes many gorgeous photos of her, and even occasionally her friends, for projects and other such things, both equally as inspiring, and also includes where she purchased the clothing worn in the photos, I must say Roz finds the best charity buys!  Her Blog is an absolute credit to her, and she's most certainly a model in the making ;). 

How did you start to become interested in fashion? 
I started looking through various family members photos and really appreciated their style. I'd also started buying Vogues in charity shops to cut up for collages and other things, but in the end I just started reading them! I then became really interested in fashion..

However, I've on and off been interested in design for years.

How would you describe your style? 

Granny chic with a charity shop twist and some vintage thrown in.

 Who inspires you in Fashion?

 It depends on the mood I'm in. It coud be anything from 'The Red Shoes' to the season or a book I'm reading.

What inspired you to start your amazing blog ;)? 

 A friend introduced me to some other fashion blogs such as Sea of Shoes, and I enjoyed reading them so much, that I decided it might be cool to set up my own.

 What would you like to do eventually in Fashion/ Life? 

Something creative, definitely! Either fashion design or photography preferably.. But who knows what might happen?

 What is Fashion to you?

 Fashion is individuality, a sense of expression, a way of creating dreams and ideas. 

Fave designer, why? 

My top few are Burberry (Christopher Bailey) - for beautifully 'British' designs, Stella McCartney for the tailoring and Jaeger!

 Fave shop, why? 
Can I say a charity shop? 
Haha. However, my favourite high street shop has to be topshop - especially their shoes.

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The want to be fake?

All those who have lookbook ( comment with your email, if you would like one and I could invite you ;)), there seems to be a trend of branding a Fake Design, letting everyone know what you are wearing is fake, in some ways this can make it seem real, as you're using reverse phycology. Though is the Fashion World turning into too much of a branded World, forgetting the Art behind it, which I think most people have known for a long time, and could this be a street trend revolution on the rise, making use of the 'money- making -vain- endorsing industry; and making art out of that and going against the idea of having expensive items in ones wardrobe? What do you think, is it 'Chav Couture' or 'Art and Fashion'?

Leopart Lace from H&M "fakeshirt" by Henriette ..

 'Sssshhh...No One Know's it's fake: by M C KENNETH L

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Rough and Gothic

Next Season's AW10 RTW, has clearly shown that rough fibres, and distressed fabrics, everything not so perfect, and bringing back the textured idea. The shaping of the garments is quite gothic, which with the rough textures it gives the outfit a complete different feel, including leathers and draping with raw edges, also a- symmetrical edges. Though some garments contrast this effect with digital prints, giving it a twist and gives elegance to the lightness of the prints.

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Florence + The Machine @ Hammersmith Apollo

Yesterday my friend Amy and I went to see the AMAZING Florence and the Machine, I  absolutely love them and this was my second time seeing them with Amy :), and we even Got interviewed; which was a bit weird,  and will post the video on Monday when it's uploaded, and  if its okay that is... ;) Their sound was amazing as usual, her amazing individual voice, and the accompaniment with the string instruments; the Machine, always contrasts well together. Though as this is a Fashion Blog it may seem a bit of a weird post, but she is a style icon in her own right,so I decided to do a post on her. She wore a beautiful black sheer caftan, with a fitted slip underneath and leather shorts, and after changed into a more aggressive leather outfit, just as beautiful, and including draping like the other. Florence's style is both cute, grunge, with a hippy twist.


Florence wore something very similar if not this for the encore ^ 
Lastly here is her new Dog Days Are Over video, many people say they preferred the other one, though with the beautiful garments, and make - up, I prefer this one, and creates such beautiful imagery, so here it is:

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Poke Me With A Poka Dot

It's been a floral craze for a year or so, and continuing this SS10, though a new trend is POKA DOTS, yay something new! With geometric prints being a key trend for this AW10, it's easy for Poka Dot items from SS10 to fit into the trend, so it that it could be the start of a new craze like  Florals last year. An inspiring technique of Poka Dots is there are so many types, from multi- coloured to Black and White, but by no means plain, could work with any look, just the way you wear it, and this applies to everything. One of my Fave trend of the moment <3 x

Suno : w3119 cropped back vest - silk- Opening Ceremony 

large product imagelarge product image

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Red label, styled with PROENZA SCHOULER Shoes, though works well with Tabitha Simons Shoes above.
Top Marc by Marc Jacobs
large product image

Maxi Dress by Diane Van Furtstenberg

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Katie Eary

Katie Eary, a London based Menswear designer will be doing something difference this season; along Catwalk Genius; which helps small businesses and designers get more profit from the shares of the investors, and helps their name get heard. Katie Eary's designs, are bright and colourful, yet sophisticated, with the cutting edge tailoring from menswear background, almost industrial mixed with elegance, creating a bold shocking look. The collection is available for the Summer, check her out here
on Catwalk Genious!

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Long time No Blog

Well as of the end of term exams, I've been unable to keep up with the Blogging ( which maybe for the next month or so)! With revision in the way of everything,, my friend and I decided to take a break, went out on the Weekend, and I managed to do a lookbook post. Wearing my rather 'jazzy' motel pants, bought in the sale ;), Topshop ruffled sleeved pullover, and military boots; not exactly a key trend, but it has an edge and sense of individuality. Comment and tell me what you think ;) Images copyright Of "All Swamped In Flowers"

A sucker for Miu Miu

Miu Miu this May have launched a new Handbag collection, and special addition. With transparent plex, and printed with the birds seen in their SS10 womenswear RTW collection, absolutely amazing! Leather handles, pastel yellow, black (a bit gothic), and white!

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