Pretty Vomit.

Dress- Topshop, Hoddie- Unknown, Tights- Primark, Boots- Dr Martens

 Grungemania. Referencing to pop-culture, such as Nivarna and the whole 90's trend; I was inspired to create an outfit with contrasting prints and stigmas attached to the garments. Now, I would NEVER normally be seen wearing a tracksuit hoodie-never. However, while I was on holiday and had no other choice but to wear it for a walk...and dare I say it, I grew to like it. Though don't get me wrong, you're not going to ever see me in trackie bottoms. With the whole modernising of workwear with the androgynous edge, it felt like an appropriate styling choice to do- think Balenciaga SS11, with the use of tough fabrics as such with contrasting prints.
P.S. I'll be replying to blog comments this week, maybe a bit snail pace as I'm going through the pain of revision. For some weird reason it still hasn't clicked that my exams are next month (?!). 


Holiday's are flying by as usual, didn't realise that I had abandoned my blog for so long. This is going to be a quickie, which I'm sure delights you with not having to read my rambling thoughts. I'm actually currently blogging from my friend's house- wooo go the internet!... Anyhow to the photos. MY NEW AMAZING UV CREEPERS ARRIVED- yes you are welcome to stare at them in awe. With neon in mind, I was inspired by the 90's style 'Teen Witch' and Meadham Kirtchoff AW11 collection. So out comes one of those ever so famous tacky souvenir t-shirts, the ones that you buy just in order to quench the thirst of retail therapy deprivation on holiday. The t-shirt is just 'wicked'. All of the sources inspired a whole teen rebellion theme; hence the witch top, and colour popping UV Creepers in contrast the conservative black skirt--a mix match of identities. (The next sentence will sound ever so cringey...ew) Growing up and not really fully knowing the full you...oh the angst haha(sorry couldn't bare with the cringe)! This all influenced the photo editing in the ever so famous photoshop. Of Course for a reason; modification in relation to changing, experimenting and expressing your self through those MELODRAMATIC teen years (shown through the solarizing and lens flare editing to give those disconbobuated modified vibezz) .  90's films really catch the essence of all the above; think Mary Kate and Ashley and Clueless. Not only that but all the pop culture vibrantly around us. I actually cannot believe how cliche and cringeyy I have just sounded, sorry. 

P.S  I had more bits and bobs on earlier in the day including the giveaway pieces from Mary and my studded collar. Oh well minimalist is in trend... 

It's a Winter Summers' day

How I need neon Pink lipstick!

Sunglasses- random Holiday shop, Cap-Topshop, Shawl- DIY, dress- UniQlo, leggings- H&M, Creepers-Underground, Bag- Primark

Holiday Spam continued. I've been dying to wear these leggings for yonks, and the colour blocking trend seemed like the perfect opportunity; taking inspiration from the colour blocking goddess Jill Sander. Though of course, as I am an utter fail when it comes to minimalism, Japanese street style seemed to sneak in along with Miu Miu's use of layering in the AW/11 collection. After rereading the SUPER SUPER SS11 issue, my love for contrasts has been confirmed even more so; hence the faux fur shawl wrap in contrast with the geometric leggings (plus to my delight I just found my pink one!). All the contrasts seem to depict a grungey vibe on top of the sharp colour blocking aesthetic; I think I've been musing over way too many 90's piczz and Jeremy Scott, wishing for Sabrina the teenage Witch to return, and listening to Fleetwood Mac and Courtney Love (not that Style Rookie has influenced me...).

Plus I need your opinion, shall I get a full fringe? Also I'm planning on going blonder and dying my roots blue- fingers crossed it all goes to plan.


Sunglasses- mist., coat- hand-me-down, jumper- Topshop, shawl- DIY, trousers UO, Socks-Topshop, Boots- Dr Martens

Doesn't look as sunny before, does it? However, I'm enjoying the wind blowing in my face and my hair swishing with the rhythm of the wind. Walking round the fresh green fields in my Dr Martens is probably a strange site for ye locals, topped up with my faux-fur leopard print shawl. When putting the ensamble together, I still had Mumma Mia playing back in my mind from the night before- Collin Firth dressed as a punk rocker never gets old. So with that in mind, I was thinking along the lines of what Tania would wear; a 40 something year old glamizon. Doesn't sound like the ususal inspiration, but it meant I had the inspiration to walk the walk in style (eww that phrase sounds disgusting...). My mind then swayed towards the woman who wear Hunter Wellies and Barbour coats. So with that and a touch of 'Collin Firth Punk Rocker Inspiration' playing in my mind, I was ready to go, and dressed practically. I treated myself to an Acid Blue Bubblegum Ice Cream when the day finally decided to wake up, and boy was the ice cream delicious!  

I still have lots of photos to share, and I'm going to Brighton this weekend with my friends- very spontaneously (get the pun? Hint: Mumma Mia).

P.S. Replying to comments tomorrow!

Sprinkling Stardust

Sorry for the lapse of blogging, I've been away in surprisingly sunny Cornwall. Meaning I've been stripping the layers back, to reveal my 'day glow' skin (as my mum calls it), I personally prefer all the layers, but hey what can you do?  I had to persuade, my parents to buy one of those 'dongle' internet sticks just so I could update my blog for you guyzzz! Sadly it's not cheap, so I won't be able to reply to your comments till Friday. However, on the plus side, the lush and juicy, lime green fields have given me the perfect opportunity to take lots of wonderful photos. The first day was even more picturesque, we ventured down to Tintagel (the legendary castle of King Arthur), and no joke the sea was as blue as the Mediterranean (well I can't exactly judge considering I've never been there...), a glossy glittering idyllic blue blanket that covered the edge of the rocky coast. Gosh it is so nice to have some fresh air and clear my head out, as cliche as that sounds. Though on the fashion side, Cornwall is more sleepy on that tone...meaning I've got  less guts to go out in what I'd wear in London. To make up for that they have bleached blond surfers, and literal hipsters (the ones that have dreadlocks, etc). Moreover there are mystical crystal smothered shops, with twinkling fairies in the window. 

 I'll try update for you guys on Thursday (I've even got the photos ready to go up)! So have a great week, any comments welcome via email at 

P.S The winner of the giveaway is Jemma, congrats! 


Even the little pouch lures you in. The wonderful AZUNI sent me their 'Love Scroll Sterling Silver Necklace', and let me tell you the quality is beautiful. It's one of those necklaces that you can treasure, as it can be worn with absolutely anything. Azuni is full of delightful pieces of Jewellery from more pop cultire oriantated pieces to more traditional styled pieces. Though don't just stop looking at the womens jewellery, the mens jewellery is equally as intricate and precious. I'd happily wear some of the mens pieces such as this or even this

 So with a them of love as such in mind, the next step was what to style this baby with? I was thinking of pop culture references, with a romantic twist. Then BAM, yet again Granny Space Martians came to mind (they're going to rule the World I tell you). So out came the romantic side of the look; Rokit Swallow Dress, Flower embellished headband, and my beyond retro tutu. Followed by the ever hideous granny stockings, white shirt and my newly purchased shoes (there'll be a post on those later--I even gave them a name!).  
Who knew so you could feed off just one Azuni necklace for that much outfit inspiration?! So that's why I'm telling you wonderful people to have a look at the website. Especially considering the fabulous Azuni, are giving all you lovely readers a 20% DISCOUNT ON ANY PIECE from their wesbite during April and May! All you have to do is  call or email Azuni and mention my blog 'All Swamped In Flowers' when you've decided on the piece you'd like to purchase. 

What more could you want?

I just saw a Rainbow Rainbow.

Sorry for the lack of blogging; all will be back to the normal frequency when Shakespeare and ICT GCSE are out of my life. So a quick update (so comments are disabled) radiating those looooooooooong awaited Summer vibes. Emma Mulholland showed the 90's surf inspired collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week previously this year, capturing the eyes of many designers and editors- she's noted to be on the rise. Psychadelia updated to its best form yet-it's all just a bit of a kaleidoscopic dream. ( I'm noting some aboriginal embellishments too, maybe that's just because it's the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of 'Australia'...) With looks that reminisce of Miu Miu SS11 with the added twist of the 'oh- so-famous- grunge- trend',  there's just no going wrong. I think I could easily jump off that cliff in the photos in those garments, and be the happiest girl on the Earth. 

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