Upon completing the last project, I have become obsessed with the idea of creating new subcultures. Inspired by Brutalist architecture, I created a 'brutesque' subculture (still working on the name!) combining the punk aesthetics associated with the 70's. The reason, for choosing the 70's was the inspiration of the Barbican, which was in full function as a housing estate by that time. I thought it would be interesting to try promote and rebrand brutalist architecture to someone in the 70's, who would have associated with inner city decay and crime, such as in the case of Trellick Tower. Siouxsie Sioux became one of the 'faces' I chose to represent the subculture, being an admired Punk descendant artist, who could perhaps promote the buildings as almost punk communes. 


As promised here is the fairytale 'Molly' inspired zine, focusing on the belief and mood of never-ending childhood.  (See post below for more information!)

Back to Back

Hi again! I'm back from the ordeal of A-Levels, and now ready to blog away again doing art day to day having started an Art Foundation Course at Kingston University. As time has lapsed, I have become extremely interested in gender ambiguous clothing, with the likes of JW Anderson, Martin Margeila to Elena Crehan exploring genderless identities.

Thus, I experimented with clashing subcultures, focusing on Dolly Kei and Straight Edgers to create a new genderless look - creating a Dolly Kei fairytale aesthetic juxtaposed on the male Straight Edger form. The concept of Straight Edger rejection was combined with the playful dreamlike qualities of Dolly Kei, to create a new subculture 'Molly', rejecting adolescence to live in their own fairytale world.

The next post will feature the zine I also created inspired from the concept, with other posts to look forward to inspired by the current Russian rebels. 

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