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For a short time only in Bicester Village a Pop-Up store will appear, there from the 29th March -7th May, with RTW clothing from upcoming new British designers. In the Village there are the likes of PPQ, Emma Cook and House of Holland! The idea came from he British Fashion council, to help raise awareness of these ever so talented avant- garde designers. The designers included will be the likes of Hannah Marshall, Goat and Louise Gray ( whom I love).

Images of Louise Gray designs AW 10 

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6 Special Thoughts

  1. Those Red heels are Amazing ! I want a pair !

  2. I can at Bicester village ;) xx

  3. Yeah it is a tad too late for the interview, I already wrote all the interviews and did my UK post! Sorry! :/

    However, I am doing another feature in the near future as this one was quite successful. Stay tuned for more info on that! :)

    Great blog BTW!


  4. Thanks!! Thought so I'll keep tuned ;) and following now great blog! Hopefully next time ;)

    Swamped in flowers

  5. i'm loving the louise gray, it's so fun and colorful!


  6. I know she's amaze! Hope u like th blog enough to follow

    Swamped in flowers


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