I like poetry....... so i write 

'I want to lye in that field, embraced in flowers and feel dazed.
Just Dazed &
Not confused'

'They trick you with their foolish love games,
You sit and wait,
You sit and wait,
You sit and no more waiting,
For you know the truth,
The truth is bleak,
The truth is something you have to deal with,
It can never be forgotten,
I will just change the way I deal with it,
I will put all the darkness that envelopes me
To be your fault,
You are the introduction to my Thoughts,
So now you are the end,
For I am no longer infatuated by you,
I am in infatuated by my hate and confusion for you,
So I will smile and continue to aim,
Yes aim,
For some things are not possible,
But I will make you possible,
As this full stop means the change in you and me.'

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