Who can't resist a bit of couture....

Well Alexis Mabille couture designer went for tailoring in a different way seen to the eye. With geometric prints, ahead for A/W 2010, with the clash of geometric design and coture tailoring, it is a complete different experience for the eye, and is rather enchanting. Also the designs included mismatching shoes, and mismatched outfits, though it all worked with the clashing colours, and this created the geometric design. When I think of geometric design, I think of something quite neat and compact, which is reflected in the designs, though also in the hair with centre partings, and this reflects divide in the clashing of colours. One of my favourite couture designers for this season. Sorry this was late, but just though I had to share how much I love this collection!

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2 Special Thoughts

  1. I absolutely love this suit! I think it is gorgeous, I want one! I am also loving your blog.

  2. why thank you :) I've checked your blog out and certainly am following ;), sammmme I want a range in different colours!!!


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