A pretty lazy post, but here goes...

Today I went to Central London with my friend Christina, accompanied by our sassy french exchanges, while going to the obvious; Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, and so on, we went to Topshop. I just couldn't get my eyes off the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania And Melissa SS10 shoe collection. With a modern twist on classic designs, it just reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, absolutely enchanting, I'd heard about the shoes before, but not till you see them ( and try them on), you get to see how amazing they are. 

It was a rather Vivienne Westwood day, I browsed her Red label collection in Harrods (a bit vulgar of me to be there, all a bit O.T.T, for my liking, and plus I'm not a fan of Cavalli), then her jewellery and accessories in Harvey Nichols, I need the Purses! It just amazes me how many designer copy her...well it's to expect with her amazing outrageous designs.

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7 Special Thoughts

  1. they sure are unlike any other shoe I've ever seen.

  2. oh wow! I see what you mean. these are magnificent!
    p.s. as a reply to my own post, I'm not that skinny, I'm just really short. and the stuff is really would be big on anyone, I swear! haha :)

  3. thank you! hehehe well I'll take a look too ;)
    please follow, love your blogs will follow :)

    swamped in flowers <3

  4. oooh those are such cute and delish looking shoes...and so purrrfect for the summer!

  5. I like how the Melissa shoes are recyclable! I'm not sure I could wear them, though. Although I do have two pairs of jelly shoes that I wear.

  6. how cute! I love the yellow and blue shoes!
    it totally has that Alice in Wonderland vibe.
    loving it!


  7. thanks for all the comments, the shoes are rather funky and delish ;)


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