Brogues and Loafers


Well most of us now have a pair of brogues....except maybe for chavs....

But well A new thing to look out for are Loafers! Still just as preppy as brogues, but more appropriate for summer, as much as i love brogues I feel they have been in for a long time (I've had some for 2 years), so I converted to loafers! I'm planning on customising the fringe on my loafers with little flowers. So keep a look out for loafers in charity shops, topshop, and even clarks :)

Loafers are perfect with cute floral skirts, harem pants, bodycon dresses; you can get a feel for different textures and shapes.  A must have!

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4 Special Thoughts

  1. It's true: loafers are great, too.

    Just found your blog via your comment on mine - thank you!

    It's a lovely blog, I'm adding you to 'nice things international' but let me know if you're from the UK or USA and i'll put you under one of those categories.

    Hope to hear from you again xox

  2. thank you I'm from the UK, thanks, btw I LOVE YOUR BLOG! xx

  3. cute loafers! i can't pull of brogues though...
    and thanks for the comment on my pup!

    hope your having a great week :)


  4. try the loafers then ;)

    and you too <3


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