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Danish design student, Stine Ladefoged's showed his graduate collection, and has made quite a success. Called 'Narcissism is calling', reflects postmodern architecture skills in knitwear, with a neutral palette and structured knitwear, it can seem to be bland, though the structure is the attention seeking aspect; hence narcissism. The collection can reflect the want and self obsession in the modern World, and how it is everywhere; hence the neutral palette, though also the want to be big, and overpowering, which is shown in the architectural design, as buildings were part of the influence on this collection. It may not be my favourite collection, due to the bland colours though I admire all the twisting and structure. The symbolism, and great technical skill; with knots and wraps, to from architectural structures, it is Art in its own rightImages from

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6 Special Thoughts

  1. i love all the knitted wear! it's so inspiring since i'm study fashion! thank you for the pics! :D

  2. AMAZING pictures, i love these designs. thanks for posting :)


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  3. Thanks for the comment :)
    these winter knits are amazing

  4. Your welcome (:

    Bego: Ahh very cool, I want to study fashion when I'ma bit older, and also I'm following your blog too ;)

    Stacey Kelly: Thanks, they are really amazing, quite interesting, I'll check out your blog ;)

    Vanilah Fashion: Your welcome, yes his graduate collection is fabulous

    Swamped in flowers

  5. Stuning and amazing! thankyou for introduting me to this! great Post! I'm a new follower of yours ! :)

  6. ahhhhh thank you for following, and I will check your blog ;)

    I love this designer!


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