Here is the awaited blogpost ;). On Friday I went to the clothes show, and my mum had been before and as soon as I booked them she told me it was well a bit....'chavy and cheap'. Well I was still going to give it a try.

As soon as I entered all I saw was Paul's boutique ; and those famous quilted chain bags. Though don't get me wrong I agree anything can be stylish if put together right; including those mentioned above, though it is a trend to wear it in that bling-gold-nikeID's style. Not exactly the best first impression and was matching up to my Mum's comments. The People who walked round all looked like clones; florals, pearls, heels, straightened hair, lace; true fashion Victims. There were mini boutiques set up all around including Spot advice, hair products, teeth whitening, Paul' sBoutique, over priced Vintage boutique and much more like this. Though we did find a few nice boutique set ups; such as the famous Religion, and I bought an oversized chiffon shirt (shown below for  a look of the weekend), and some stylish makeup ;). It was truly a commercial show; not for fashion or Arts sake, but literally clothes sake.

The show itself was a bit of a let down. We went to the Style Awards; so it included best dressed, best photographer, best hairstylist. Paloma Faith won best dressed for women...YAY! She wore this almost Alexander McQueen look alike dress, an oversized bow, and matching purple glittered heels. The wanted performed, Paloma Faith, and Esmee Denters. Then there was the fashion show, to be honest it was all a mix up. Before every different collection there was dance to relate to the theme; mainly hip- pop, one dance was about moulin rouge, a bit provocative. The dance took away attention from the garments, and well all the garments had been done before in some other place or way. It was purely a commercial event; topped up with being sponsored by 'OK'. A bit of a let down, though still fun to experience, and enjoyed the retail therapy ;).
_76O7513_low res.jpg
Paloma Faith's outfit

_76O6703_low res.jpg

_76O6218_low res.jpg
My Favourite Collection-TOKOYO

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7 Special Thoughts

  1. clothes show was fabulous, i had so much fun there! you saw paloma faith?? so jealous.

  2. Agree so much with what you said about the Clothes Show, a long with London Fashion Weekend they are basically glorified shopping events.

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  4. thanks for the comments, and well lets say clothes show has mixed views, my views in the post ;), and okay will do :)

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