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Graduate shows have been on board for the last month or so, showing casing talent of the future, 1 in those 10,000 could be the next Alexander McQueen.The RCA (Royal College Of Art) ,is known for its magnificent designers it brings out into the fashion industry from all over the World's, including Katie Eary. It is very much always in competition with Central St Matin's, and both have high standards. The RCA, put on their annual show, and shoed off the best of the students talents, here are some pics, picked out by 'Dazed And Confused', and really shows off their high standards, the photos have a real 80's feel:

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8 Special Thoughts

  1. love the images <3

  2. devo inspired hats? really great head gear!

  3. Love the ghost like photos!


  4. Great backstage pics

  5. great photos! Hopefully i'll go to one of the summer shows (: ty for putting me on your blog list! If i make a blog list ill definately put yours on it, love the blog- so entertaining!

  6. thank you! And you're welcome, I do love your blog too, I shall keep checking your blog ;)

  7. can't seem to comment on your most recent blog post but congrats with the many hypes :) you deserve it!

  8. thank you :) I was like wow, that's a change!


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