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The first Online screening of an LCF Fashion Show happened today at seven o'clock. I myself am undecided about the online screening of Fashion Shows, you don't get to see the real textures and how it properly moves and flows, though then it's giving a better promotion the students in this case and college. 

The Show was bright, bold, and beautiful, at the moment there is no online running order, which should be available for update here tomorrow.

Two designers who stood out to me were Jess Sayers and Ryo Himuro, both completely contrasting to each other.

Jess Sayers amazing embellishment of different sequins, building up a glam textured look. Fabrics used to her advantage, chiffons and silks used, swishing creating an emphasis on the sequins, which created sophistication with the midnight colours used. Beautiful.

Where as Ryo Himuro’s collection was completely opposite; playful, fun and bright. Candy pinks, and florescent contrasting colours used, though toned down with the nude colour palette, to add an edge to it. Including great pattern cutting, and many soft shapes, used to emphasise the embellishment, for example puffballs and a stuffed fabric heart. Fun and sophisticated (evident through the brogues).

Ryo Himuro, LCF 2010 from Ryo Himuro on Vimeo.
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5 Special Thoughts

  1. I have a newfound love for sequins.....

  2. the contrasting textures is something to stop and ponder. i am making a knit dress with polka dots. maybe i should splice in some other colored knits. i am such a purist. it is hard for me to splinter out. but i need to. you make me want to be crazy and do it!

  3. Ooo. Really wanted to get
    to Graduate Fashion Week
    this year but alas...
    Thumbs up to online shows,
    although it is but a small
    portion of the experience :(
    Great post!

  4. really love jess sayers stuff, not really liking ryo's stuff thouhg. that heart chain link thing is kinda chavy/tacky.
    so jealous you met vivienne westwood btw!

  5. Jess Sayers garnements were amazing especially the way they moved, and I totally see where you are coming from! And lol, hmm there will be other times for you ;) xx


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