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Well somehow my Lookbook post got deleted, for whatever reason I do not know...So I shall post a new harem pant look again, and have added a new one on June the 20th;  abit hypocritical of me but it's a floral one, as I do think the floral trend is a bit boring, and as said before I do feel that Lookbook tends to be more focused on just lace and floral not the unique creative outfits, just real fashion victims, so if you could please hype, and as before if you would like a Lookbook account just comment and say so with your email address. Well yesterday I booked some tickets for the clothes show! YAAAYYYYY! I just hope its not too commercialised, but it's always good to see Fashion from both respects, Art and commercial. I shall be going this coming Friday, as we have an inset day ;), so I'll blog about that when it comes. Also my mum was also kind enough to purchase the clothes I needed to create an outfit for this part coming up; all from Topshop,which is a bit bad of me... so I'll show you what I wore when it comes. Also my eyesight has been getting worse and have had glasses last year just to see the board etc, so last year I bought Trussardi glasses, I really would have liked Wayfarers, but the place is so stiff they didn't have any. Though this year they did! I got RayBan Wayfarers, and hopefully me eyesight will get better as I'll be wearing them :D! So here they are and my Topshop Purchases:

Topshop Purchases:

Beaded Oversized Shrug

Striped tights, and along with my DM's and hot-pants.

RayBan Glasses ( though mine are brown with a tortoise shell design):

Here is the lookbook post:


Images from TOPSHOP
Raybans from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_24xo6QHFGEI/SrNNq2DgjyI/AAAAAAAAAgk/qBUy9e2B5ug/s400/2140-ray-ban-wayfarer.jp

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9 Special Thoughts

  1. thats an awsome look! i love harem pants, theyre so comfy and fashionnalbe, they totally spice up an outfit!"
    cool blog ;)
    xx, zaia

  2. thank you! I'll check your blog out too ;)

  3. Topshop is amazing!!! And the price, unbelievably affordable :) Great picks

  4. I love the lookbook posts!

  5. Those tights are SO COOL.
    Great blog! Check mine out...

  6. will do and thanks everyone :)!

  7. Love these looks
    and those trousers
    Just passing!

  8. Great looks!

    Lydia xxx



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