MMM Haute Couture AW10: Urban Animals


Ohhhh YAY, time for some beautiful, timely garments, all made to look effortless; clearly done by Maison Martin Margiela for AW10. Martin Margiela founded his label 20 year sago inspired by second hand items while touring round the globe. MMM always produces subtle coloured garments, though with great structure and technique; evident in this collection.

This AW10 collection centred round textures, and playing around with different fabrics, from faux fur ( or real fur) to suede to leather, to soft to rigid; you name it; it's been experimented with. Creating textured looks; clearly an AW10 trend. The colours match to the animal textured fabrics used; using key colours such as brown and black. The collection very much reminds me of futuristic animals; as futurism has been a  key trend, and with the fabrics put together in a symmetrical one of some sort. In my opinion the collection is the leash of 'Urban Animals' ;).

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