Well today I met up with a group of my friends in wonderful Richmond :), including Fiona and Chloe. Lately its been stress, stress, and more stress with exams, and there has been no time to go out, and seems evident this is going to ahppen again, as soon as exams are over we start GCSE's, (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!), so lots of coursework to do. So ee took a few photos and thought I'd share them with you.
I'd say I hav an addiction to starbucks....

Th top reminds me so much of Alexander McQueen SS10 collection, though toned down of course ;)
Feat normally freak me out, but these feet seem to be ok, Loving the coral nail colour very in this season.

A bit of a random post.

Image of Alexander McQueen SS10 from

Other Images copyright of 'AllSwamped In Flowers'

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8 Special Thoughts

  1. i always love your shoes :0 where do you get them

  2. love your sweater!


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    FÆBRIC magazine feature!

  3. these are my friend's shoes from Dorothy Perkins lol, and will do please follow ;) lol :)

  4. I love that skirt you are wearing! It's simply fabulous.


  5. cute the skirt If its from H&M i have one too. it goes with nearly everything.

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  6. richmond green is the one! i used to go there after school with a frap from starbucks as we break up earlier on fridays.
    love your topshop jumper

  7. Thank you! Lol isn't it just :), and well starbucks is an addiction...


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