Florence + The Machine @ Hammersmith Apollo


Yesterday my friend Amy and I went to see the AMAZING Florence and the Machine, I  absolutely love them and this was my second time seeing them with Amy :), and we even Got interviewed; which was a bit weird,  and will post the video on Monday when it's uploaded, and  if its okay that is... ;) Their sound was amazing as usual, her amazing individual voice, and the accompaniment with the string instruments; the Machine, always contrasts well together. Though as this is a Fashion Blog it may seem a bit of a weird post, but she is a style icon in her own right,so I decided to do a post on her. She wore a beautiful black sheer caftan, with a fitted slip underneath and leather shorts, and after changed into a more aggressive leather outfit, just as beautiful, and including draping like the other. Florence's style is both cute, grunge, with a hippy twist.


Florence wore something very similar if not this for the encore ^ 
Lastly here is her new Dog Days Are Over video, many people say they preferred the other one, though with the beautiful garments, and make - up, I prefer this one, and creates such beautiful imagery, so here it is:

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5 Special Thoughts

  1. really cool! the clothes are amazing! great blog

  2. love Florence and her personal style - amazing! Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx

  3. Florence is aaaaamazing :)

  4. ♥ FLORENCE!
    she just gets me.
    &great music for long train
    Love blog.

  5. ahh she is just amaze! And thank you will check out blogs ;) xx


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