Interview with Roz from 'Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee'


I interviewed the wonderful Roz ( Only 14!) from Clothes, Cameras, and Coffe, she's just as amazing as her blog! Her Blog includes many gorgeous photos of her, and even occasionally her friends, for projects and other such things, both equally as inspiring, and also includes where she purchased the clothing worn in the photos, I must say Roz finds the best charity buys!  Her Blog is an absolute credit to her, and she's most certainly a model in the making ;). 

How did you start to become interested in fashion? 
I started looking through various family members photos and really appreciated their style. I'd also started buying Vogues in charity shops to cut up for collages and other things, but in the end I just started reading them! I then became really interested in fashion..

However, I've on and off been interested in design for years.

How would you describe your style? 

Granny chic with a charity shop twist and some vintage thrown in.

 Who inspires you in Fashion?

 It depends on the mood I'm in. It coud be anything from 'The Red Shoes' to the season or a book I'm reading.

What inspired you to start your amazing blog ;)? 

 A friend introduced me to some other fashion blogs such as Sea of Shoes, and I enjoyed reading them so much, that I decided it might be cool to set up my own.

 What would you like to do eventually in Fashion/ Life? 

Something creative, definitely! Either fashion design or photography preferably.. But who knows what might happen?

 What is Fashion to you?

 Fashion is individuality, a sense of expression, a way of creating dreams and ideas. 

Fave designer, why? 

My top few are Burberry (Christopher Bailey) - for beautifully 'British' designs, Stella McCartney for the tailoring and Jaeger!

 Fave shop, why? 
Can I say a charity shop? 
Haha. However, my favourite high street shop has to be topshop - especially their shoes.

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7 Special Thoughts

  1. Love Roz, her blog and her style.
    UO x

  2. interesting interview :)
    She kind of has a blair waldorf feel in some of her looks :)

  3. my gosh! She's sooooooooo pretty!

  4. Loved the interview and I have fallen in love with that jacket in the first image.

  5. Great Outfits
    Great Interview
    Great style ♥
    That dress is gorgeous.
    Just me.

  6. Thank you heheh :)
    Shes really inspiring :) Love the first image

  7. Heyy, I really like your blog :)
    & I'd like to say, my claim to fame is that moira shearer (the red shoes) is my Granddad's cousin! I love her style!
    -soph xo


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