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All those who have lookbook ( comment with your email, if you would like one and I could invite you ;)), there seems to be a trend of branding a Fake Design, letting everyone know what you are wearing is fake, in some ways this can make it seem real, as you're using reverse phycology. Though is the Fashion World turning into too much of a branded World, forgetting the Art behind it, which I think most people have known for a long time, and could this be a street trend revolution on the rise, making use of the 'money- making -vain- endorsing industry; and making art out of that and going against the idea of having expensive items in ones wardrobe? What do you think, is it 'Chav Couture' or 'Art and Fashion'?

Leopart Lace from H&M "fakeshirt" by Henriette ..

 'Sssshhh...No One Know's it's fake: by M C KENNETH L

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  2. thank you :), i shall email you an invite ;) x

  3. oh cool,thats me :P
    Thank you for the post !

  4. lol your welcome, quite inspired by your outfit ;)

  5. I'm decided about this one... :P
    UO x

  6. I like the idea of diy-brands in general, but sometimes it's simply annoying. Why don't you just use the energy you spend on 'faking' something to create something really new and unique?

  7. Ohhh good point I do agree, it is quite hard to decide on :/ though I do like the idea in some respects <3

  8. i hate fakes most the time, especially as shown in the second image, looks really tacky. although if the fake is done well, then that's a thumbs up cos the real ones are just ridiculously expensive!

  9. I love that fake bag, I totally want to make my own!
    Love the blog and totally going to follow and I would love a lookbook invite if your still up for those :)

  10. Got to agree
    There are so many people who wear clothes just because of the label if it carries on everyone is just gonna look the same :/ x


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