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Woah what a weekend, and bring on half term (finally). This weekend turned out better than expected, quite 'cutsey and cultral' but still fab! My friend Chloe came to stay, so as ever we went crazy, but this time we did loads... we went vintage shopping, went to a graveyard (bringing out our gothic side), went to Regents Park, went to the National Art Gallery (which was beautiful) and last of all recorded an X factor video (bringing out our cool side...). Plus I lost my raybans so that means new glasses, so I had to get NHS glasses....turned out to be alright, you can judge for yourself...Also Half term means more posting, YAY!

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10 Special Thoughts

  1. Great post love the photography! ♥

  2. ohh soppky, i love your style, especially the creepers!
    you have a great blog, keep up the good stuff

  3. Jesus, girl, I love you. THE CREEPERS. THE GRAVE YARD! Oh, and the fact that i was watching re-runs of FO on repeat today. You rock that show, all the others suck.. (oh god, Im so mean) Amazing photos too, you editing wiz! Panda xo

  4. hehe, Known her since i was about 10? Shes a babe :) Will ask her about email, pretty sure its a thumbs up! Panda xo

  5. Great pictures!!
    Lovely shoots and edits!

  6. Wow! This blog is cool! Hey, when you have the chance, check my blog out and tell me what you think! Its a company i am starting and i want an opinion. If you like what you see, please follow me! I'll do that same for you!

  7. these pictures are awesome and creepy!

  8. These photos do have an element of creepy,
    and I'm totally in love with it.

    Beautiful !!!!!

    hope to hear from you~
    amy <33

  9. This is such a goo post! The works of photoshop!
    This is blogging inspiration! x
    CAT x

  10. love the heart tights! have one black/red too :)

    xo, Joll


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