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This is just a quick post, but yesterday I went to see Crystal Castles at the beautiful Roundhouse, with friends Amy and Fiona, boy was it loud, I have never been to anything so loud, beating the likes of Ac/Dc and Iron Maiden (yes I used to be some weird Rocker- elements still there). Alice Glass, the lead singer, would jump around the stage every second, great entertainment, and even went into the crowed, very unlikely these days. Anyhow the amount of people there with piercings, made me want to get a nose piercing even more, what do you think?

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  1. Get the piercing! Nose piercings are awesome.
    And hey, being a weird rocker is awesome.
    Thats what I'm like :D

  2. get the piercing! I got mine done about 6 months ago and it is not at all painful! great photo as well, its so hard to take pictures at gigs usually!!

  3. If you get that piercing I'll hate you even more than hating you about the concert. I've wanted a nose ring for so freaking long.. :'( If you do get one though, i'll come with you :D Panda xxx

  4. Something really weird, that girl went to my school... And I saw Crystal Castles, ended up with her just screaming into the microphone crowd surfing :) Was a good time
    It would be mine

  5. I think the piercing would look really good on you! Ahh mustve been an amazing night, roundhouse is such a good venue. I saw crystal castles at reading and they were insane, completely understand what you mean about Alice Glass!

  6. Lovely pictures , defo going to follow come check out my fashion filled blog


  7. Do it! Get the piercing! :) I want a nose piercing too.. :´)
    Oh and being a weird rocker..rocks!


  8. Love the first image<33



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